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Evaluating Websites

No description

Beth Kraemer

on 16 August 2011

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Transcript of Evaluating Websites

1. Authority 2. Currency 3. Relevancy 4. Accuracy 5. Objectivity/Bias 6. Appropriateness What person or organization created the site?
What are their qualifications?
On what type of domain is the site hosted (.com, .edu, .org)? Evaluating Resources Consider 6 elements . . . Yes, ANY resource: articles, books, websites, documentaries... When was the site first created?
When was the site last updated?
For your topic, how important is it to have the most up-to-date info? Does the information truly provide useful information for your research?
Will the information on this site add value to your research? How accurate do you feel the information to be?
Can you spot check any facts on the site with a book or article to verify they are correct? Is the information on this site stilted to one point of view?
If so, have you considered why this might be so?
Might it be useful to find an additional source with an opposing viewpoint? Is the information on this site a match to the level of research that you're doing?
Is this the best resourse you can find that meets your needs?
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