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Open source software presentation

A brief overview of a research paper I am writing

Blake Richmond

on 18 July 2010

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Transcript of Open source software presentation

Open Source Software Table of Conents: 1) Defining Open Source Software 2)History 3) Open Soure Software Regulations 4) Benefits 5) Major Risks 6) Software available 7) Conclusion 8) Reference Page Definition: Software available
FREE of charge that is offered with source codes in order to be modified by the user. History: 1960's- IBM releases libre; the first software available with code able to be modified by users 1983- The Free Software Foundation is formed (FSF) 1998- The term "open source" is introduced and accepted by the public Open Source Regulations: Open source material will be freely distributed
Source codes must be included with all software
Software licenses must allow modifications
No person/group discrimination
No field/endeavor discrimination
All rights that go along with programs are available to users without having to re-license
Open source software must not contaminate other software

Open Source Software Available: Mozilla Foxfire- web browser

Open-office.org- office suite

7-zip- file archiver

Linux- operating system Benifits of Open Source Software: Source code documentation availability makes improvments on software compatibility convenient

Speedy development of community projects

FREE !! Major Risks: Intillectual property rights infringment

Open source software may contain lower quality of performance and or function due to modification faults
Conculsion: "Talk is cheap, show me the code!" Linus Torvalds
2000 Reference Page Potter, S.W., 6 Rich J.L. Tech. (2009) "Opening up to open Source". retrieved July 7, 2010 from Http://www.abanet.org/intelprop/opensource.html

Gomulkiewicz, R.W. (1999). "How copylet uses license rights to succeed in the open source software revolution and the implications for article 2B". retrieved July 12, 2010 from Http://www.abanet.org/intelprop/opensource.html

Torvalds, L. (2000) A mesage to Linux-kernel mailing list.
retrieved July 16, 2010 from Http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Linus_torvalds
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