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Jes Sachse

No description

amanda roberts

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Jes Sachse

Jes Sacshe
disabiliy culture
25 year old Arts student at
Trent University
Her works include: "American Able", involvement in the project "Envisioning
new meanings" and various
art shows across Ontario
Jes' work can be found
WORN Fashion Journal
The Toronto Tempest
Ryerson Free Press
Abilities Magazine
NOW magazine.
Jes has a rare condition called
Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome
The impairment of muscle
contraction interferes with
muscle development in the
fetus which results in skeletal
American Able
The Stare
Redefinition of how we describe
each other and ourselves through
graphic photos and body language
The Starer VS the Staree
Disembodied Voice

Ideals of Normalcy
How we should live in our bodies
Conforming to societal standards
Embracing difference
Deviating from the norm
Body Image
Disability Art
demonstrates misrepresentation
of disabilities through art to
deconstruct mainstream
perceptions of disability
Gender identification
not associated with biological
sex, outside of constructed
"Let’s dupe people’. I didn’t want it to look anything like a fucking Dove campaign like…. ‘real women,real bodies’. I wanted people to be startled by it, to not even notice. I wanted it to be true satire and to look just like their fucking ads, because I wanted to see their reactions. That’s part of what I do with my own work. I’m fascinated by the way people react to disability."
What are your reactions to Jes' Art?

Are the American Able photos allowing people to get an understanding of a uncommon disability, or is it more of a campaign to bring disabled bodies to light in a world that only recognizes such a small portion of bodies as beautiful?
Will the "stare" bring any change
in the foundations of Western
Society's thoughts and language
surrounding disability, or is it just
a temporary fad that will not resonate
with anyone?
Will it be perceived as a "freaksh0w"
with no monumental change following?

"It was to challenge people and their own perceptions about disability and how they look at ads and how they look at non-disabled women in advertising as well".
Bringing the unconscious consumption of
sexuality to light.

“Initial inspiration was taking photos of myself in order to look at myself, to find what people were obsessed with or telling me was grotesque".
Envision New Meanings

Kriptonite 2
The project used ‘digital stories,’ which
are 2-3 minute videos with still photos.
Jes exposes herself in a light not normally subject
to the view of the public. She deeply expresses her thoughts, feelings and experiences
disability art includes reclamations of
how disability is represented, opposition
to socially constructed stereotypes
(as they relate to the body) and the
effects of discrimination and segregation.
‘American Able’ intends to, through spoof,
reveal the ways in which women with
disabilities are invisibilized in advertising
and mass media.
American Apparel was the brand chosen
due to its marketing strategy of using
"real women" and the "girl next door"
as its ad models when in fact these
women adhere to traditional standards
of beauty
American Apparel
American Able
Conflict of Artists Interests
The goal, Norris says, is to put disabled women in places “where women with disabilities are typically excluded.”
Noris' goals were rooted in normalization
Sachse's intent was to challenge representations
of women, especially queer and disabled
women in fashion. It’s foundation was
rooted in disability theory and art and
she wanted "shock-factor" reactions
Do you think that Jes' artwork is successful
because of the quality of her art or because
of her disabled body?
Since a different body is representing sexuality it is picked up more in the public, you are not unconsciously consuming sexuality (ie. The same bodies are representing sexuality in popular culture)
What do you think about the
American Able spoof photos?
Jes Sachse challenges not only
American Apparel, but Western culture which expects women to
achieve a body type and overall image that is not very “normal” at all.
-Other Art Projects-

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