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Don't Turn Around

No description

Mr. Gangster

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Don't Turn Around

Don't Turn Around
A seemingly emotionless girl who has escaped thr horrors of foster care by doing what she does best- Hacking
She has created a fiction family, placed herself with them, and established a stable income with the help of her "dad"
All is going well for Noa... Until she wakes up on a surgical table with a 6-inch incision running along her chest.
An 18 year old boy who has always had everything. He's always gone to the best schools, had the best technology, and the best life. But this all changes when his snooping puts him in the cross hairs of a secret organization
Over the course of the book, Noa and Peter constantly find themselves being followed by mysterious men
PEMA, a disease in the book, is meant to represent a serious illness like Cancer
Michelle Gagnon
Setting: Boston

Time: Present
Internal Conflict (Noa)
Noa's internal conflict is that she doesn't know who to trust. She's always been a rather independent person, but after waking up in a warehouse with out 6-inch incision on her chest, she's even more distrusting than ever
Internal Conflict (Peter)
Peter's internal conflict is that he has always felt as if his parents didn't care about him, like thay would rather have a different son. When Peter discovers a folder in his fathers office, he is launched into a never ending quest to stop AMRF.
External Conflict
Noa and Peter are both, for different reasons, being pursued by armed men determined to capture them and bring them back to the mysterious Mr. Mason.

Noa wakes up on a surgical table with a 6-inch incision running along her chest
Noa escapes from the complex where she awoke
Peter snoops around his fathers office

Peter's house is broken into by armed men
Noa buys herself a new laptop
Peter and Noa meet when Peter ask for her help via the internet
Peter and Noa go visit an old friend of Peters
The old friend of Peters suggest Noa get tested for a disease . . .
Peter and Noa's worst fear becomes reality
Peter and Noa's worst fear becomes reality . . .
Does knowledge come at a price?
Cody, a friend of Peters,lost his life soley because he knew about something he shouldn't have
Peter was thrown into the constant battle with AMRF because he knew of the horrendous experiments they conducted
"Mr. Mason does not do things without reason"

"Mr. Mason?"

"...We lost the wrong son"
Noa learned...
Noa learned that even though she grew up in a place where no one could be trusted, there are people who can be trusted
Would I recommend this book?
Yes, I found myself genuinely wanting to know what happened next. It had a delightful ratio of action, adventure, and a bit of romance. I Soon became attached to each of the characters. The author did a wonderful job at making the reader feel what the characters feel. I felt the pain, the loneliness, the fear. It is for these reasons that I would recommend this book

Official DQ Rating: 9/10 - Superb
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