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jalyn rivas

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Guatemala

Location: Central America
Volcano: Pacaya is an active volcano right by the city of Antigua.
Weather: the weather is usually the same all year around the lowest it gets is about 70 degrees.
Religion: Roman Catholic,Protestant, and indigenous Mayan beliefs.
Landmarks: Lago de Atitlan, Antigua, Tikal, Santa Catalina Arch.
Recipe/ Preparation

get 2 plantains or more, cut them diagonally so it cooks better. Put the cut plantains in oil after about 4 minutes flip them over until a light brown color. Then take them out cheese and cream is optional to put on top.
Plantanos Fritos
On September 9, 2013 43 people died in a bus accident and a dozen more injured. The bus fell off a cliff to the bottom of a ravine at San Martin Jilotepeque in the Chimaltenango region of Guatemala.
They say the bus was most likely over capacity. Most were farmers who where on their way to the market to sell their produce. the buss tumbled 600ft into the river after going around a hairpin bend.
Bus Crash Kills Dozens
It's said that the bus was over crowed like all the buses usually are because some people cant afford cars there. So it's easier to travel by bus because everything is close by. Bus accidents are not a usual thing in Guatemala so it wasn't surprising that the government declared three days of national morning for this accident. Six children died at impact with twelve women and 23 men died at impact.
The last major bus accident like this one was back in 2008 where 53 people were killed. when the bus slid off the highway and down a 15-meter slope. a rescue team was there trying to save as much lives as possible.

"Guatemala Bus Crash Kills Dozens." The Guardian. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Sept. 2013.
Children Songs
Los Pollitos

Los Pollitos dicen Pio, Pio, Pio.
cuando tienen hambre,
cuando tienen frio,
La Gallina busca el maiz y el trigo
les da su comida y les presta abrigo,
bajo sus dos alas acurrucaditos, duermen los pollitos hasta el otro dia.
Cuando se despiertan dicen mamacita
tengo mucha hambre dame lombricitas.

The Chicks

The chicks say pio, pio, pio
when they are hungry, when they are cold.
the hen looks for corn and wheat
she gives them their food and keeps them warm bundled up.
under her two wings, the chicks sleep until the next day.
when they wake up they say mommy i am very hungry give me baby worms.

This is something that is widely eaten in Guatemala. its easy and simple to do. Also the poverty in places limits the people to basic foods there. Some people eat plantanos fritos everyday.
School in Guatemala is only free for the first six years. Which is only primary school. Some kids have the opportunity to continue onto secondary and tertiary schools. They have to pay for the schools tuition, uniforms, supplies, and transportation. The schools tuition varies depending on what school your family is willing to pay for.
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