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Activity Day(7B)

No description

Lee Melody

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Activity Day(7B)

Activity Day 地點:海美泳灘(海美灣) 泳灘資料
地址:青山公路 11 3/4咪
詢電話:2491 1229 / 2212 9738
洗手間和泳屋 主要活動 1)用氣球玩水戰 2)燒烤BBQ 請準備(Each Person) 交多$60(最後若有剩下,年尾還) -食物,飲品,用品,氣球 丸類 我媽媽負責(Melody's Mum) 食物 Chicken Wings
全+中 Sausages(cheese& non cheese) 豬,牛,羊 Any other request? Bread Corn I will later make a list Buy it at the bus stop 飲品 If u buy it ur own,leave the reciepe 用品 For BBQ forks,BBQ forks, plates,cups Honey and other 香料 For Play Buckets, ballons and
drinkable water Time: 8:30 Clothes and shoes Coz we will get wet!!!! We will go to The MTR station(A3 exit) then walk to a supermarket next to the bus stop then ride the bus Take MTR to Tsuen Wan station Traffic Problems BUS:234B or
53(53 is more
expensive) Please comment for changes or requirements!!! marshmallows Desserts
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