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College in Colorado 8th grade final project

Joe Lozano

on 27 February 2017

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Transcript of YOUR FUTURE-ICAP

You may use only www.college-scholarships.com, collegeincolorado.org, or the school’s website.
Work on keyboarding, type in own words.
Be creative and pay attention to grammar, spelling and punctuation.
Student Example
Grading Rubric
Spring 2015
J. Lozano


Objective: Students will create a power point presentation that highlights a college, university or technical institute you may decide to attend in the future.
Slide 1- Your Name, School’s Name, Address, Telephone #
Slide 2-Schools history and undergraduate admissions requirements
Slide 3-Degrees you want to pursue-how long, Credits, classes you need to take
Slide 4-Tuition- Detailed cost to attend
Slide 5-Housing
Slide 6-Student organizations
Slide 7-Other information you want to include
Slide 8-School fight song/History of lyrics
On down the field we go to victory,
The colors navy blue & gold.
And to our fighting team
we hold our spirit high.
The mighty Bears are we .... GO BEARS!!
Fight, fight to win each battle fairly,
The only way we e'er shall be,
We shout out the name,
To keep the fame and glory to old U-N-C!

Fight Song

501 20 St.
Greeley, Colorado

University Northern Colorado

Colorado Non Greeley
Resident Resident Resident
Full time tuition $7,324 $16,988 $7,324

Tuition $5,464 - $5,464
Fees $1,373 $1,373 $1,373

Room & Board $10,488 $10,488 off campus opt.
(based on 19 meals)

Books and Supplies $1,325 $1,325 $1,325
Total $18,650 $30,174 $8,162


Human Services

Degrees To Possibly Pursue

History of UNC
The school opened its doors on October 6, 1890 with a staff of four instructors and 96 students.
To see more please visit this following link:
Short history of University of Northern Colorado

Admissions Requirements
$45 Nonrefundable Application Processing Fee
Official High School Transcript needs to be sent to:
UNC Office of Admissions
501 20th Street, Campus Box 10
Greeley, CO 80639
ACT or SAT Scores

History/Undergraduate Admissions requirements

Climbing club
Running club
Cycling club

Student Organizations
(my interests)
A little more About University of Northern Colorado

*Their mascot is the bear
*They have Graduate school
*UNC use to host Denver Bronco Training camp
*Many teacher come from UNC

What I Plan to live on in college!

*All new students with less than 20 college credits after high school and under the age of 21 must live on campus.

Returning resident

New resident

Belford $2,457 $2,354
Bond $2,679 $2,576
Brown $2,679 $2,576
Decker $2,457 $2,354
Dickeson $2,679 $2,576
Gordon $2,457 $2,354
Hansen-Willis $2,679 $2,576
Harrison $2,457 $2,354
Lawrenson Suites (4-person suites) $2,815 $2,712
Lawrenson Efficiencies $2,679 $2,576
(2-person rooms with G/H as part of the room #)
Lujan $2,679 $2,576
North Hall $2,972 $2,869
Sabin $2,457 $2,354
Snyder $2,457 $2,354
South Hall $2,972 $2,869
Turner Suites $2,815 $2,712
Turner Efficiencies: $2,679 $2,576
Stand-Alone Small Single Rooms:
(Room #s that end in 11/12 are stand alone single rooms.)
Wiebking $2,457 $2,354
Wilson $2,457 $2,354


Pictures of UNC

Worth 50 pts.
Be creative
Make it colorful
Use pics
8th grade ICAP project
8 Slide
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