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Joseph Lister

No description


on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Joseph Lister

Joseph Lister invented it in the 192o's
Joseph Lister found many symptoms.
it is used all over the world
Where did he invent listerine?
Is listerine still use today
What are symptoms of infection?
Yes. Because grems are still spreading and people need a cure to stop grems from coming in there bodies and killing them
And its not only in the USA or England its used all over the world to keep people alive. thanks to Joseph Lister we dont have to fear germs
He found out that when you do get a infection one of your body parts will get sore and one part of the skin will start to get red. And overtime if its not controlled well it will start to spread all over that part of that skin.
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
What disease did Joseph study?
Joseph Lister tried to find many cures.
What did he invent to kill infections?
Infection was one of those diseases that caused people there lives. People would get them by punctured ears, sometimes a splinter, or not washing your body. Infection is when people transform microorganisms from one person to another each time. And infection can spread quickly overtime. Sometimes infections are easy to get off but, not all because some infection are so big that you could die.
He did a lot of tests on different medicines some worked some didn't, but he finally found a cure that he named after him and it was called listerine it was a cure that kill any infection grem or also mouthwash. He was astonished what he created to kill grems all around the world.
Joseph Lister
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