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Impunity in Southeast Asia [2012]

No description

SEAPA Secretariat

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Impunity in Southeast Asia [2012]

in Southeast Asia
[2012] means
'without punishment'
'without consequences' the culture of impunity
against freedom of expression
has two faces:
violence and law If perpetrators of violence are able
to escape punishment for their crimes,
they can continue to carry out such acts
or encourage others to do the same
— without fear States that use laws against freedom of expression
create a climate of fear among citizens and journalists,
and also embolden some groups to attack those who express critical messages Impunity through violence 23 attacked
13 killed
35 threatened
mostly journalists Impunity by law 7 arrested or detained
9 charged
13 convicted
most are individuals
giving voice to their opinions Burma: 12 cases • most are against private media
• 7 cases initiated by the state plus 2 by government employees Cambodia: 12 cases • 6 of violence and 6 of law
• 5 against civil society
• 6 are related to national politics Indonesia: 10 cases • 9 related to violence Laos: 1 case of a radio program ordered shut down by a minister
— without any written order Malaysia: 9 cases • 5 about violence and 2 about law
• 4 cases about state responses to
reporting of events Philippines: 36 cases of violence • no case about the use of law against freedom of expression
• most number killed, with 7 related to media issues
• almost all cases are about local issues Singapore: 1 case of a conviction for incitement to violence for a comment posted in an internet forum Thailand: 4 cases • 2 are about violence
• 2 legal cases concern journalists and the
lese majeste law Timor Leste : 1 case of an attack on a journalist working on a corruption case Vietnam: 14 cases • 11 are about the use of law
• 7 are related to bloggers, with 5 persons convicted
• 7 cases related to charges under
Article 88 of the Penal Code for conducting anti-state propaganda cases compiled and summarised by
the Alerts unit of for the 2012 STOP IMPUNITY IN SOUTHEAST ASIA
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