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job careers

No description

Corbin Fitzgerald

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of job careers

My Career Choice National Football League i want to be a professional football player for my career. I want to be a professional football player because i really enjoy playing football and i feel like i have the talent to go pro if i keep my mind set keep my grades up and stay on the path to success. I've played football my whole life and i would enjoy getting to get paid for doing something i love to do. The only training you would have to do is your own training trying to make it on your own and you can go to D1, College Camps, and Pro Camps. Unlike basketball you have to go to college for at least 3 years as in basketball you only have to go 1 year. You really don't have to have an actual education for the career but I'm going to go to college and play football and I'm going to major in Sports Medicine. The Salary for this job depends on what position you play. The average salary for a Quarterback, the position i play, is just under 2 million dollars. The salary for a Corner back, which is my second position, is about $1,193,666 a year. An average day for a NFL player is basically doing everyday things then going to practice and film session to figure out the other teams skeam and then going out and going over the playbook. Average Day Salary Really in the NFL a promotion is the same as moving up on the depth chart from second string to starter you can get a bonus. As far as promotion goes there aren't really any opportunities Promotional Opportunities After Retirement After Retirement i want to be a coach for one of my kids in little league, Jr. High, or High School. And if I'm a good enough coach then go to college or pro and coach a professional team.
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