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Myth Timeline

An accurate timeline of when myths happened.

Ian Collins

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Myth Timeline

Myth Timeline- a project by Ian This myth must come first, as all other myths are born out of it. It says that Chaos made everything, including Gaia (the earth), Oranos (the sky) and Eros (more commonly known by his Roman name, Cupid). Eros made Oranos and Gaia fall in love, thus creating the first races to roam the earth. They were the Hekatonheires, or the "hundred handed ones", and the titans. One titan in particular, known as Kronus (Cronus), was peculiar. It says that one day he sat in the desert, playing with the sand, when he said to his father "Look, father, I have made an hour." Thus being so, Kronus represents time. This myth includes many variations including some where only Gaia and Oranos are made, and others where Pontus (The sea) replaces Eros. Date one- The creation This myth most likely comes next as the gods must take control of the world before heros can be born. It says that after Kronus killed Oranos for being an unjust ruler, he married his sister Rhea and created a new race, named the gods. They could change shape and would not age past their prime. He also created the Cyclopses, although they were not as beautiful as the gods, causing Kronus to lock them away in Tartarus, where Chaos slept. An Oracle told him that his children would be his downfall, and as followed Kronus ate them all, starting with Hestia. The last to be born, Zeus, was replaced with a rock by Rhea, and hidden in a cave. After reaching adulthood, he tricked his father into letting his brothers and sisters out, thus starting the titan and god war, otherwise known as Titanomachy. Date two- titan and god war This myth will be next to come as for any myths to be about heros, you have to have humans first. The interesting thing is that human creation never takes a big role in greek mythology, possibly because of the deities being the main focus. Date three- Humans are made Date four- Fire Humans were made in three stages, each getting farther from a perfect stage that was always tried for. Whenever the next state was achived, knowledge came with it. Humans were originally created out of gold by the titans, and had no knowlege of the world. they lived forever, however the titan war soon killed them. The next age, made out of silver by the gods, originally were happy and beautiful and lived for a long time, but just as silver tarnishes, this race stopped worshiping the gods and Zeus had them killed. The next race, made out of bronze, feuded with eachother and lived roughly 100 years minimum. Zeus destroyed them just as he had with the silver age humans. The next age, also the age we are in now, is called the iron age because humans were made out of iron, lived short lives, and corruption and wars spread far. This most likely relates to how in most explanations of human creation, knowledge is what destroys us. A bit more about human creation Prometheus takes the sacred fire of the gods. Zeus caught him, but humans already had gotten it. Zeus was about to sentence him to eternal torture when the humans started cooking an animal. Zeus noticed the smell and saw the humans sacrificing some of the meat to the gods. Prometheus then made a deal with Zeus. He went down and took a deer from the humans. He cut all of the fat off and put it in a small pouch. He then took the bloody meat and showed them both to Zeus. Zeus said the the pouches contents would be sacrificed, and then discovred he had been tricked. He condemed Prometheus to eternal torture. This myth most likely happens here because for humans to advance fire was needed. Cadmus is the closest thing to a hero that we see in early mythology. He was the founder of Thebes, killing a dragon to get the land. He then discovered that dragon teeth, when planted in the ground, create undead soldiers called "Spartoi" meaning "Sewn Man". He is the first hero because Thebes is in other myths. Cadmus also comes before all others because all other heroes are considered followers in his footsteps. Cadmus The next hero to come along is Perseus. He is the hero that defeated Medusa.This date goes here because Perseus comes before the Trojan war. Hero 2- Perseus Myth 6 Athena's Birth Athena is born from Zeus's head. This myth goes here because Athena must come before Cadmus's time, being as she is the one Cadmus sacrifices a sheep to. Since Cadmus is the first hero, and the age of heros comes after the gods are made, Athena is here. Myth 5-Hephaestus's Birth Hephaestus's Birth has to come before Athena's, as Hephaestus is the one to crack Zeus's skull so Athena may be freed. Myth 7- The Trojan war Paris was a major hero on the other side, being the whole reason for the Trojan war. He picked Aphrodite as the fairest one, and and she gave him the girl of his choice. He picked Helen, and took her away during the night. This action, however, caused others to lash out against Troy, thus starting the Trojan war. After the Trojan war, Aeneas, a Trojan prince, sailed to a place touching the Mediterranean sea. His sons, Romulus and Remus, were the founders of Rome. Other Heros in the Trojan war Hero 6&7- Paris and Aeneas The Trojan war happened because of the apple of discord, causing Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite to fight. This eventually led to them getting Paris, a Trojan prince who was banished from the kingdom, to decide which one was the best. This war marks the end of Greek Civlization. It was fought by Athens and Sparta. Sparta won this war due to it's impressive millitary. Pelopannisian War Bibliography "Timeline of Classical Mythology." Classical Mythology Timeline. 9 June
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Hamilton, Edith, and Steele Savage. Mythology,. Boston: Little, Brown Ares was the god of war, and was the child of Zeus and Hera. His birth goes here or directly after Athena's birth, as they are described in most stories to have opposite personalities and not work together. Myths imply that he has been fighting with Athena since birth. Ares's Birth Heros before the Trojan War- Atlanta Hercules Theseus Atlanta was a human raised by animals
who was the desire of many men. The way to her heart was if you beat her in a race, she would take you as a husband. This date goes here because Alanta came before the Trojan war. Hercules was a hero who had unhuman like strength. He goes here because he came before the Trojan war. Theseus was the hero that defeated the minotaur. He also came before
the Trojan war, placing him here. Hero's of the trojan war Achilles Achilles was a hero in the trojan wars who's skin was like armor. He was eventually killed in the Trojan war. This date goes here because it is part of the Trojan war. Ajax Ajax was a solider who avenged Achilles's death. He defeated the Trojan leader and took his armor. This move put the Greeks on the winning side. The Odessey This myth is when Odyseus comes home from the Trojan war, but is faced with many challanges. This myth goes here because it Odyseuss is heading home from the Trojan war. Odyseus Odyeus was the one who came up with the Trojan Horse plan, eventually winning the war for the Greeks. End of Greek times. Greek Timeline Gods and Heros Family Tree Romans Carry on the Tradition The Romans adapted alot of the Greek gods for their own. Eventually they were converted to Christianity in 331 A.D. by Emporer Constantine.
Due mostly to this conversion,
Greek mythology is noticably
longer than Roman. Romulus and Remus are the founders of Rome, and descendants of Aeneas. This is one of the only notable Roman myths, due to reasons previously stated. Romulus and Remus Introduction Welcome! This presentation is meant not to explain myths, but to show you the order in which they happened. Most people I have met, including me, have always wondered "Why are myths never put in an order that makes sense?". Well, now they have been looked at with such precision, on such an intense level, that through logic and reason they have been put into an order which makes sense.
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