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Love, Stargirl

This prezi is of Love,Stargirl. It includes a summary, a few main characters, setting, conflict, climax, resolution, theme, and mood. I hope it helps!

Dina Moya

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Love, Stargirl

Love, Stargirl unfolds in three main places in the town of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. . Stargirl's new Enchanted place is the Enchanted hill, its a big hill or Calender Hill with a big field where she always sees the sun rise and makes a sun calender. Margie's donut shop is where she meets Alvina, she writes poems there sometimes. Betty Lou's house is another place where she spends much of her time , because of Betty's fear to go outside they stayed in her house all the time.
The main conflict in the story is about the obstacles Stargirl has to face to get over her break up with Leo and become who she was before her relationship with him. Some of the obstacles she faces are overcoming the intense sadness of her broken heart, living in the past always thinking about about the true love she thought she had, and also she had to decide if she would give Perry a chance to steal her heart or if her heart would forever remain Leo's treasure.
Perry is a teenage boy around sixteen years old. Known for his hardships of not having a father, his mother being pregnant, and very little income, people around him tend to look the other way when he takes things from them. By his actions of taking other people's possessions Stargirl believes he is a thief. Little does she know that her heart is his next target.
Stargirl Caraway
Stargirl is the main character in this book. Her real name is Susan Julia Caraway. Thinking that her real name Susan is too boring she goes by Stargirl. Stargirl is a sixteen year old in tenth grade who is outgoing, friendly, and spontaneous. She has a pet rat named Cinnamon, a five year old best friend named Dootsie, and she doesn't care what people think about her.
Love, Stargirl is the sequel to Stargirl. This book starts off in a new place and a new town. Stargirl moved from Arizona to Pennsylvania leaving everything and everyone behind, including her ex boyfriend Leo. She's now trying to find herself and mend her broken heart from their break up. Along the way, new friendships help her healing begin. A few of the friends she made include, Dootsie, Betty Lou, and Perry. To someday inform Leo of her new life and friends she decides to write him the worlds longest letter.
, Stargirl

Perry Delloplane
Stargirl Caraway
The climax in Love, Stargirl is when Stargirl invites everyone she knows to a celebration of the Winter Solstice but she is afraid that the sun won't show that day because of the snow. Also she doesn't think many people will come. Another thing she is worried about is her placement of the tent because if it isn't in the right spot the sun cannot be seen into the tent. In the end she was happily surprised that many more people than she expected came, fourtunately, the sun does come out and the sunrise gives them all a spectacular view and the tent was placed in the perfect spot.
Perry Delloplane
Dootsie Pringle

Dootsie is a five year old "human-bean". She is a little girl that loves attention and has curly hair and a very sociable attitude. She is a magician, a regular Houdini her mother says. She is very creative and won the Blob Fest costume competition in her Mrs. Blob costume. She is also best friends with Stargirl and Betty Lou.
My mood in this story was annoyed because Stargirl can't make up her mind and her thoughts are just going in circles about Perry and Leo. She doesn't do anything about it she keeps dwelling in the past. I became very pleased when Betty Lou told Stargirl to move on with her life and live in today, Stargirl finally got the message and started moving on and living her life in peace.
The resolution is that Stargirl finally decides to move on with her life and accepts the fact that Leo won't magically appear and become her knight in shining armor. Stargirl tells Leo not to look for her any more and that she is going to send the worlds longest letter to him. Also she continues by saying to him to be himself and live in today, to trust his future, and let the stars keep track of both of them. Hoping that they will meet again not by finding each other but by a sweet collision of destinies, she knows that they will some day somehow meet again .
Live in the moment, don't live life in yesterday or tomorrow live in today. Stargirl spent much of her time dwelling on the past thinking about Leo and what could have happened between them. In doing this she cannot appreciate the good things she has in her town, like the people, the places, and the friends she has there. Also she cannot be happy because she is waiting to be found by Leo even though she knows it will not happen.
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