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the fundamental attribution error

No description

Annabelle Pulliam

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of the fundamental attribution error

Social Psychology
Fundamental Attribution Error
: (correspondance bias) Attributing behavior to dispositional factors rather than situational factors
Due to selective exposure
Self serving bias
Test Studies
A group of students evaluated other student's personalities based on their opinion of Fidel Castro
Despite there being no choice on the writer's end, participants still judged
Biased interpersonal relationships
Seventy percent of women surveyed at a university report that men have misinterpreted friendliness as a come on
Connecting socioeconomic status to disposition
Not taking things personally - Malcolm and Bram
the fundamental attribution error
Japanese and Chinese Authoritarian and comfority influence
Versus the American

Jones and Harris 1967
Ross 1977
Random assignment of social roles
Mock quiz game to determine intellectual expertise
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