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Logic Puzzles.

This presentation is for a school assessment. Otherwise, these are puzzles that require outside thinking and logic.

Tony Jiang

on 21 September 2010

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Transcript of Logic Puzzles.

Mathematical Logic Puzzles. What is the highest number that can be written with three digits? All my ties are red except two. All my ties are blue except two. All my ties are black except two. How many ties do I have? If I put in one canary per cage, I have one bird too many. However, if I put in two canaries per cage, I have one cage too many. How many cages and birds do I have? If yesterday had been Wednesday's tomorrow and tomorrow is Sunday's yesterday, what day would today be? If you can speak properly, you will be able to answer the following question.

Which is correct, "The yolk of an egg IS white" or "The yolk of an egg ARE white"? What was the biggest ocean in the world before Balboa discovered the Pacific Ocean? 9 9 9 I have a book where the foreword comes after the epilogue, the end is in the first half of the book and the index comes before the introduction. What book is it? What is so fragile that when you say its name, you break it? An electric train runs at 80 km/h heading north-east towards a wind which is blowing at 4 knots. In which direction is the smoke blowing? What can elephants make that no other animals can? A tap is filling up a bathtub at 5 litres per minute. You have two cups and a bucket. What's the quickest way to get rid of the water? What 11-letter word is pronounced incorrectly by more than 99% of university graduates? A bottle of wine costs $10. The bottle is $9 more than the cork. How much is the bottle? Two people are flipping coins. Each time, they bet $1. At the end, one person won $3 and the other won three times. How many games did they play? How long is a piece of rope that is 2 meters shorter than another rope that is three times the length of the first rope? A dog is tied to a leash 3 meters long. How can the dog reach a bone 5 meters away? A mother has six children and five potatoes. How can she feed each child an equal amount of potatoes? (Do not use fractions.) I take two apples from a basket of five apples. How many apples do I have? How much would a 37 degree angle measure when observed under a microscope that magnifies ten times? I am sitting at a table. There are ten flies resting on the table. With one swat, I kill three flies. How many flies are left on the table? How can you pour wine out of a corked bottle that is half full without breaking or damaging the bottle or the cork, and without taking out the cork? Yesterday, someone dared me to jump over a ballpoint pen on the floor. I could not, even though I am a good jumper. How come I was not able to? There are 100 buildings along a street. A sign maker is ordered to number the buildings from 1 to 100. How many "9's" will he need? What must you do to make this equation true?
81 x 9 = 801 Rose is now as old as Joan was six years ago.
Who is older? 3 Friday. Pacific Ocean. Just because it wasn't discovered doesn't mean it wasn't the biggest. It just wasn't named yet. 3 cages and 4 canaries. Baby elephants Incorrectly 1 meter. Easily. The other end isn't tied to anything. Two. 37 degrees. Read it upside down. 108 = 6 x 18 Joan. Silence. Neither. The yolk of an egg is yellow. A dictionary. An electric train has no smoke. Pull the plug. $9.50 9 Serve mashed potatoes. Three. The dead ones will be left. The rest have probably flown away. Push the cork inside the bottle. The pen was in the corner. 20 Fin. By Tony Jiang http://www.mensa.org/

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