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Pig Solutions_Tech

No description

Celeste McGarvey

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Pig Solutions_Tech

Solutions from Seed to Food
Crop Management
Feed Formulation
Meat Quality
Tools and

Fertilizer Efficiency
Soil Conditioning
Root Development
• Increase in cob average weight
• Yield increase per acre/hectare
• Increase in starch
• Increase in energy
Add flexibility to your diet
Optimizing feed costs to maximize profitability!
Gut health management
• Gastrointestinal integrity and stability
• Nutrient transfer from sow to piglets
• Diversity of beneficial bacteria in the gut

Selenium enriched pork
Assessing the mycotoxin risk to your feed and reducing the impact
Out of 965 feed samples:
- 98% were contaminated
- 93% contained over 2 mycotoxins
- 40% contained over 5 mycotoxins
Solutions from Seed to Food
• Measures multiple toxins
• Describes toxic impact
• Fast
• Identifies risk
• Evaluates response
Reduced mineral excretion
Mycotoxin Hazard Analysis Program
Audits providing a tailored report and recommendations to help reduce mycotoxin contamination risk
Analysis for more than 37 individual mycotoxins in your feed, providing an understanding of the risk associated to the animal
A support tool to identify current and potential energy and phosphorus release in your animals' actual diet
More Bushels per Acre
Alltech Solutions Programs
Feed Efficiency
Improved Lifetime performance
Powering your feed
W-50 Solutions for Weaners
P-4 Solutions for Sows
Up to 280 lbs at 25 weeks of age
DHA enriched pork
Programmed nutrition
Reduced mineral intake while maintaining performance
Production efficiency
Farm audits
Mineral excretion!
Increased nutrient values in corn and cereal grains
Increased nutritive value physically and financially
Contribute to reproductive performance
Support sow longevity
Maximize the number of piglets born alive and birth weight
Support piglet viability
Minimize the number of empty days
Up to 50 lbs at 9 weeks
of age
+ 4 Piglets
GF-25 Solutions for Grow/Finishers
* Minimum Expected Selenium Levels in pork
(Bertin and Taylor Pickard, 2007)
* Suggested total Omega-3 for adults is 1.500 mg/day. DHA + EPA should be approx. 10% of total daily Omega-3 intake (i.e., 150 mg/day). Values are estimated.

** Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for Selenium as indicated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is 15 mcg/day for children 2, and 50 mcg/day for adults and children 2 years of age and older.
Reduce environmental nitrogen
Arithmetic mean of air pollutant levels in control and treated units

Helping you determine the ROI of Alltech solutions
Calculating performance and profitability
Palm Kernel
Wheat Bran
Rice Bran
feathers & offal
Oil Seed Meals
Meat that looks great, tastes great and costs the same to produce
ROI 7:1
Alltech solutions for fertility
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