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Elizabethan Era Education

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Nicole Draper

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Elizabethan Era Education

That is what Education was like in the Elizabethan Era! Before children went to school: Elizabethan Era Education. To respect their mother and father.
To ask their parents blessing.
To get up early and say their prayers.
Table manners.
Their place in society.

Girls were also taught:
Obedience to the male members of the family.
Housewifely duties.
Sometimes music and dance. Petty School. Boys at the ages of 5-7 would attend Petty school. Typical week at Grammar school: Monday- A test based on the previous Sunday’s religious subject.

Tuesday to Thursday- The basic curriculum.

Friday- Examinations and punishments.

Saturday- Study of Christian Religion and some mathematics. Grammar school. Ages between 7-14:
-Principals of Latin off of the Elizabethan alphabet. Back then education was... Strict
5 days a week
Would spend more than 2,000 hours in school.
Speak Latin or get punished. The lessons and education:
Read and write English.
Lessons on behavior. Age 8:
-Rules of grammar and sentence building. Age 9:
-Latin-English and English-Latin translations. Ages between 10-14.
-Latin to English translation. -Literature.
-Greeks. -Religious. -Mathematics. GRAMMAR SCHOOL. University. Boys at the age of 14 would head off to University, If they were allowed. Oxford and Cambridge were the most popular choices. Elizabethan woman education. Elizabethan women didn't go to school.
They also weren't allowed to go to University. Upper class women. Sometimes allowed an education. If so they
had a home tutor.

They were taught:
Languages: Latin, Italian, Greek and French.
Manners and behavior.
Music, dancing, riding and archery. Lower class women. Expected to obey male members of
their family.
Learns how to run a household and skilled in housewifely duties. Lower class women would not get a formal education. The course you could study: Art included- Philosophy, Poetics, Rhetoric and Natural History. Liberal Arts included- Grammar, Logic, Music, Astronomy, Math and Geometry. Theology included- Religious education. Medicine included- Hippocrates, Galen and Jewish medical text. Law
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