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SiteTalk: An Introduction

We will briefly explain SiteTalk's functions and features.

MasterMindGlobal .net

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of SiteTalk: An Introduction

The Opportunity Community SiteTalk Webplaza Deals What is SiteTalk? SiteTalk is social platfrom which is surrounded with trendy goods and services what people are willing to spend money on. When was it launched? It was launched in January 2010. How many members has it got? It has around 13 million members from over 200 countries. What is SiteTalk`s goal? Its goal to become one of top five social communities worldwide. Let`s have a closer look on SiteTalk and its functions! Games All the games are free to play on SiteTalk. You can challenge your friends and family members for credits. Who will be winner take the credits. You can also participate in the "Contest of the week" game, where you can compete with other players. There is an entry fee what will be divided between the first three players. So you can win a lot more credits. You can get goods and services on discounted price from over 25 countries! You need to pay only for the voucher in credits and you will pay the discounted price when you will use the voucher. What are the deals? Do I have to pay on the website? Do I have to print out my voucher? Yes you can print it out or you can download it to your phone. Auction SiteTalk Online Penny Auction works like any other penny auction site. All participants must pay a non-refundable fee in credits to place a bid. With every bid the price goes up with one penny. When the time limit expires the last participant to have placed a bid wins the item and also pays the final bid price, which is significantly lower than the retail price of the item. It is coming in early 2013!!! Store SiteTalk store is the webshop where thousands and thousands of brands and much more products will be available to purchase on competitive price for credits and delivered within a week to anywhere. It comes in weeks time!!! What are the SiteTalk credits? Credits is the currency on SiteTalk. How much they worth? What can I use it for? 1€ is equal to 10 SiteTalk credits. You can spend it various ways: buy deals, play games, send virtual gifts, invite friends with credits, later on you can pay with in the store or bid on the auction site How can I get more credits? Invite your friends and you will earn credits after the friends activities. Can I buy credits? Yes, through a very secure PayPal checkout.
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