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Barbara McClintock

Cj, Ben, Gagan, Jared , and Timothy

Jared Tanielu

on 22 March 2012

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Transcript of Barbara McClintock

Barbra McClintock made incredible contibutions to genetics. By decoding the genetic tranfer of information between two chromosomes, she made a huge difference in genetics.
These are
the historical
facts of
Ms. McClintock
Barbara McClintock
June 16, 1902 - September 2, 1992
McClintock has contributed to the historical society by showing the world another way women contributed to the world. She is just one part of the remarkable history of woman. Because of her contributions, woman today are not forgotten.

Philosophical Achievements
The Chuck Norris of Science
"Let them sink or swim."
Born June 16, 1902 in
Hartford, Conneticut.
McClintock changed our world by discovering "jumping genes". This changed our world by letting scientists know about these genes. This also lets the people know that they won't have the same baby. This will only happen when the babies are born at the same time or are twins.

1923, Graduates with a
Bachelor of Science degree
Genetic contributions
Barbara McClintock made many great contributions to genetics.One of them was decoding the genetic transfer of information between two chromosomes. This is just one reason she helped genetics.
1930, first person to describe cross-shaped interaction.
1983, she won the Noble Prize
for Physiology and Medicine
1992, Barbara McClintock died in Hunington, New York
Barbara McClintock got into her genetic research when she was still a student at Cornell University in the 1920s. She was also the first person to describe the crossed-shaped interaction of homologous chromosomes during meiosis (the process of cloning cells). From discovering this, she created the first genetic map of maize showing the order of three genes on chromosome 9 of the 23 pairs in a cell of a human.
Thanks to these sites
Created By:
She's a scientist that will never be forgotten...
Barbara McClintock contributed to education during her life when universities did not allow women to major in genetics. But now because of her work many univerities now allow and give privilages to women. Also she planned on studying plant breeding, but as the program would not accept women, she majored in biology. She received her Ph.D. in 1927 and was able to study plant genetics while working on her doctorate.
We think...
She's the...wait...this isn't right...
The "trooper"...
"Clone Trooper"
I am watching you!!!!
Just kidding... STAY IN SCHOOL!!!
The "Chuck Norris" of Science
Famous twins include...
Dylan and Cole Sprouse
Mary Kate and Ashely
Fred and George Weasley
The End...
We have a little rap for you guys, hope you enjoy... :)
"equals"... "clone cells"
Don't you find it ironic we're complementing women when we're guys?
This was approved by...
B-B-B-Barbara McClintock yeah she was a mystery
Now that we're rapping this song she'll go down in history.
She lived in Brooklyn, New York and studied at Cornell,
She looked at DNA, but couldn't even tell...
Thtthhhaaahhh, way it was shaped and how it moved in different ways,
It was a double helix, but she didn't know in those days.
She got so many awards we couldn't even count.
Even she didn't know the final amount.
So now let's end out part with one of her famous quotes,
"Let them sink or swim,"
Now here's our Chinese friend Tim..
Oh, looking at corn she found the answer,
She turned out to be the genetic master.
With a little help from Watson and Crick,
She became a scientific classic.
I am sorry we have to end this rap now,
so let's end it proudly with a bow.
And also don't forget,
She's one of the best scientist science will ever get!
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