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The Yangtze River

No description

Nick Shpak

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of The Yangtze River

Double click anywhere & add an idea China and The Yangtze River by Nick Shpak Basic Facts The Yangtze River is the largest river in all of asia, streching 3965 miles long (6380 km) and the 3rd largest in the world. The river empties out into the East China Sea The Yangtze river is a main artery for transortation
and trade for all of China Three Gorges Dam The Three Gorges dam was built in june of 2003 and
provides flood control and hydro-electric power to
millions of people in the area of the dam The dam displaced approximetly 1.2 million people in its building Some of the areas flooded by the dam are predicted
to create massive environmental problems in the future.
The areas flooded include chemical factories, industrial parks,
and waste dumps that are predicted to effect the resivor
created by the dam in as little as 5 years Yangtze in everyday life The river has been used for irrigation
for rice and wheat fields along with providing
vast hydroelcectric power The hydroelectric generators stored inside the
dam are the largest in the entire world and will
produce 1/9 of China's total electricity. The Yangtze it 2000 miles West to East and 600 miles North to South The Yangtze is open to nagigate all year round
so it is vital to people that live along the river that use
it for transportation and most of China's indrustry is
centered around the Yangtze The Yangtze has over 700 tributaries and
many of them are used for irrigation on
farms across rural China If all of Chinese culture would be totally wiped out
my topic, the yangtze river would have to remain.
Not only is is alomst impossible to get rid of a river but
the Yangtze is vital to China even today. It is used for
transportationtrade and as a source of electricity and
irrigation. Without it China would bea totally different
place and would not be nearly as prosperious.
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