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College Life Presentation

This presentation is to be used in our ENGL 321 class.

Fantastic Five

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of College Life Presentation

Double click anywhere & add an idea -Create a new board game
-Easy, fun to play
-College themed, target audience aged 18-24
Usability Testing Internal
Date: April 20, 2010
Location: NDSU Campus External
Date: April 20, 2010
Location: NDSU Campus, Memorial Union Internal Findings
External Testing Findings
Recommendations Moving Forward Usability Test Report for College Life
Version 1.0

Submitted April 20th, 2010 Success / Distraction Squares
Starting Characters Balance Money and GPA
Equalize the starting characters Adjust frequency of Distraction squares Additional usability testing
Game pacing Money and GPA values Character Selection
Success and Distraction Squares Participant
Demographics Gender
Male: 2
Female: 3 Age
Twenty: 1
Twenty-one: 3
Twenty-two: 1 Testing Metrics and Surveys Usability Testing Goals of Usability Testing •The ease of learning how to play
the board game College Life.
•The efficiency of use of College Life.
•The memorability of College Life.
•Frequency of errors and their severity.
•End user satisfaction.
Product Concept Money and Grades components Player Profiles:
Pros and Cons Four "years" per game
College themes
Rolling dice to move along path
Acquiring LIFE tiles
Accumulating the most money
Purpose and Goals Proposal Writing Assumed development team role within a game company

Our proposal audience: game department supervisor
Game rules and how to play

Market Potential / Benefits

Materials cost estimation Proposal Timeline 1) Concept/brainstorm

2) Proposal drafting

3) Game prototype

4) User manual

5) Testing

6) Revisions and product launch College Life: User
Manual Game Pieces Objective Getting Started Accumulate a high GPA and
collect money
Successfully complete the four
years of college life
Have the greatest amount of
money at the end of the game Each player will select a desired
character with equal but differing
A player should be selected to start
Players will start on the starting
A die will be rolled to determine
spaces moved
What to Land On Questions? Outline Product Concept / Proposal

User Manual / Actual Game

Usability Testing

Usability Report
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