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IB Survival Guide

No description

on 31 October 2016

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Transcript of IB Survival Guide

Our Journey on the IB road together.
Time management
Work, work, work. This is IB. That's what they all say. Once you plan everything out you will see that IB is not all about work.
If you don't remember that you have homework ask a friend to help remind you.
Sticky Note

Study Groups
Facebook Groups of IB 201-
any social media works
Teachers are not scary.. SO TALK TO THEM!!
IB students know all the IB student. Ask others for help, nothing to be shy of.
IB Survival Guide
Jenny Yang Pd 2
Now just have fun with your friends.
IB tips and tricks:
Everything you need to know to survive through the IB Diploma course.
How to make sure IB is not all about work:
Planning out everything...(Best to get a planner)
Don't waste your time
Projects is for you to express yourselves
Making friends techniques:
Speak to whoever you feel or think you feel comfortable with.
Enjoy yourself, and have fun with new friends or old

There will be a lot of highlighting no matter what class you have
Sticky note for any class (most recommended is for math class)
Have enough highlighter, sticky note, notebook paper, and pencil
Always have your calculator and make sure it's charge
Remember to interact with others
Ask question if you don't understand
Enjoy doing project your own way
Do what you want on your project that evolving the topic
When you are stuck with no ideas of what you should do or work on, go ask your friends or teachers for help
Group chat on Facebook, or group chat on text message.
Communication is the best way to go with the IB family
Have a green and blue day binder/folder/notebook
Text messaging each other;
Communication always a great way to study
Group work
Help each other out on difficult subjects
Teachers are always open for new ideas to help everyone understand
Teachers will make time to help you with any questions you have
Homework takes 45-55 minutes
You can now work through IB easily!!
Questions, feel free to email anyone for help

Just remember to communicate
2 years it'll fly by

Graduation will be worth it
This is best for both studying and hanging out with friends
Take your time.
You have two days to do your homework since we have the
day schedule
Try your best
Don't give up despite of all the homework you have
Nothing can stop you if you plan all your homework out
Talk to everyone, use your voice

Organize your project by working topic by topic
Nothing can stop you now!
Best time to learn something new
Teachers are there to help
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