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Chapter Five of Technology in Action

Operating System Software

Jonathan Rehn

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Chapter Five of Technology in Action

What is an operating system? (OS) an operating system allows you to use your computer by connecting your hardware to your software. It links together the various functions and devices on your computer to enable them to work together. Types of Operating Systems because every different kind and type of compter has an operating system, there are several different types of Operating systems, including:

single user, multitask
single user, single task What are some examples of Operating Systems commonly found on a personal computer? Windows 7
mac os
linux Why would I want to use anything but Microsoft ? Many people prefer Microsoft because it is so common and there is a broad selection of compatible software. However, both Mac and linux users claim that their OS is more reliable and less prone to viruses. OK, so I have an OS on my PC... but what is it really doing for me? Your os is vital to everything you do on your computer. All the software and hardware is useless without it. You would not even be able to boot up unless it is installed and working.
•It communicates with and controls your peripheral devices.
•It allows your software applications to work with each other
•it enables you to organize your storage and memory

Thats great, but if its so important do I need to maintain it? Yes! As with most things that are expensive and important, it needs to be maintained. Look under System tools for:
disk defragmentor
disk cleanup
ScanDisk or Error Checking
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