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No description

Jonathan Hill

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of demo

Blue. Aaron Rogers
Michael Scott
Marty Spears
Pat Conners
Jonathan Hill (Christian Student Fellowship Expansion.) Who is CSF? Christian based student campus ministry
Serve and support the student body at UK
Current Situation Existing CSF building lacks space.
Crowding during indoor events and worship services.
Growth is being inhibited. The Solution Important Numbers to Consider
Fall Average Attendance to "Synergy"



250 students 283 students 297 students Note: Building capacity is 280 max Options Considered New location
Cable distribution
New construction
Expanding the existing building (Expanding the Existing Building) Before After Removing the Back Wall Elements of
Construction Materials Demolition (removing material)
Waste and proper desposal
Simple construction Cost Analysis
time Finacing the Project
who is paying? Labor most expensive aspect of a project
CSF ties with general contractor
would eliminate the most costly component

must be completed in summer months
issues in the fall
seven to eight week estimate
Who is paying? non-profit funding
generosity of CSF donors
striving for cost effectiveness
Construction Challenges Advantages cost effective
faster alternative
will ease the crowding entrances
temporary fix

Bibliography Got Questions Ministries. “When is the Right Time to Build a New Church Building?”
GotQuestions?org. http://www.gotquestions.org/build-new-church-building.html
(accessed March 17, 2010).

Christian Student Fellowship. “Frequently Asked Questions.” Christian Student
Fellowship at the University of Kentucky. http://ukcsf.org/about/faq/ (accessed
March 27, 2010).

Handmade. “One Project Cost Estimates.” Remodel Estimates.
http://www.remodelestimates.com/ex_view_profile.cfm?pID=239193&n=1 (accessed
March 27, 2010).

(When a building is 70-80% full, attendance will be negatively affected.) 1 Final Thoughts the solution provides an effective means to increase seating
requires minimal time and limits cost
allows CSF to continue serving the Big Blue student body without interuption.
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