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Light Imgaery in A2 S2

No description

Katherine Rickson

on 26 June 2018

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Transcript of Light Imgaery in A2 S2

Re-cap: connotations
Tuesday 7th October
Revising PEE paragraphs
L.O To be able to comment on Shakespeare's use of light imagery in A2, S2.
Grade C
Grade B
Grade A
I can point out the obvious connotations.
I discuss Shakespeare's choice of language
in depth
I can think about the meaning of the text in the wider context of the scene.
In your books, write down 3 things that each image makes you think of...
Do you think Shakespeare intended the audience to think of these things? Why/why not?
Why do you think Shakespeare uses lots of light imagery in Romeo's soliloquy?
In Romeo's solilquy in Act 2, Scene 2, Romeo is talking about...
Shakespeare uses light imagery in this scene, to create a effect.
For example, he uses the word...
Use the iceberg method
build your explanation...
The overall effect is...
This reflects the mood of this scene by...
This shows that Romeo feels in this scene, because
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