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Hernando Cortez

Hernando Cortez life

Chloe Valdez

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Hernando Cortez

Hernando Cortez Discovered Mexico in 1518 Built a Colony commaned by Captin Velasquez Cortez did not follow through and abandoned the project Instead set sail with a crew of men and Equipment He took alittle trip around the coast of Mexico where he fought with the native indians and took them as slaves. He also took the aztec Princess as a interpreter and advisor He continued sailing on the coast of mexico and landed in what is now Varacruz. There he settled and burned the ships to pervent his crew from getting in the boats a leaving. It was a new life and new beggining. Leaving a small crew of men on the coast Cortez and his men ventured off in the interior Mexico. There they were attacted by indians. Cortez men were defeted and only Cortez was left. Cortez found the Aztec leader Montezuma and became allies. But soon after befriending Montezuma Cortez learned that the crew and coloney were plunnered. Cortez took action and made Montezuma surrender. During this time of Cortez being gone. Valasques sent a army of men 1,800 to bring Cortez back. Cortez defeted Valasques army and the rest who survived joined Cortez army. Cortez took his men to the capital of mexico where he had previously met Montezuma. There Cortez and his men were attact by thousands of Aztec worriors. There was change and Montezuma wa pulled out and was stoned and later died. Later May of the that same year cortez took his ships and a huge army and fought with the Aztec empire. They defeted and it was the end of the Empire.
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