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Digital Literacy and TEFL

A presentation about linking the digital world to the world of the classroom

Vassilios Hartzoulakis

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Digital Literacy and TEFL

Reading Writing Listening How digital is our life? Speaking Reading and writing and speaking and listening How digital is our classroom? Reading has travelled a long way Text on stone Text on papyrous Typography Multimodal text International Reading Association Traditional definitions of reading, writing, and communication, and traditional definitions of best practice instruction— derived from a long tradition of book and other print media— are insufficient in the 21st century. (2009) Shakespeare's writing That was all static text The Internet and other ICTs require new social practices
New literacies are fundamental to personal development
New literacies rapidly change
New literacies are multiple, multimodal, and multifaceted Parallel Pedagogy (Leander) Create a multimedia digital story instead of
writing a composition Teaching composition the Vanderbilt style Use transitions and photo effects to: Give example Billow effects Emphasize Focus / Circle closing Summarize Express causality To introduce To indicate time Circle opening Dissolve Fade in Push Employing all these techniques
one can produce a full story using
images and text together
(e.g. in powerpoint) An old school book A modern course book How far is it from Shakespeare's writing?
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