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Transcript of Ocapi

Belongs to group:

-Xena Manalaysay
The way to tell the difference of male and female okapis are simply by looking. Males have the normal testes in scrotum and penis and its sheath under the body and legs. Females has a vulva in close proximity to its anus.

What do they eat?
Okapis are herbivores. They eat trea leaves and buds, grasses, ferns, fruits and fungi.
Where and how do okapi find it's food?
They find their foods on the tree's and leaves and they swallow their food without chewing it.
Extinct or Endagered?
Ocapis are classified as endangered since 2013 because of habitat destruction and hunted illegally.
Ocapis are about 35 cm. It has horizontal white stripes on the front and back and it has reddish dark backs. Their weight are about 440 to 770 lbs.
Where do okapis lives?
Okapi's Birth:
After 16 months, an okapi female are giving birth to a single calf of it.
Okapi enemies:
Okapi enemies are human since it's a wild animal, humans are hunting them illegally. Leopards are also they're enemy.
Self Protection:
Okapi's large ears can detect movement of predators such as leopards. Also, the patterning of the legs that are similar on zebra's are confusing when a large groups run together.
How do human protect okapi?
-humans have to stop hunting them. and just take care of them
Okapi facts:
-Okapi animals can reach their tongue and ears because it's 18 inches long.
-20-30 years is okapis lifespan.
This animal is really interesting because it's like a combination of giraffe and zebra style but it has its own image that's making them unique.
Human's should know
Since they are endangered, they live on land and taken care at zoos.
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