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Samara Al-Mfarej

on 8 February 2016

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Transcript of (insert name here)

Heat efficient home
Earth wool insulation is the latest innovation in mineral wool from the market . Earth wool has all the cutting-edge technology and techniques to provide the best for you. Since our company is eco-friendly we decided to use Earth Wool,which is the highest selling underfloor insulator in the UK. Earth wool is made of minerals glass and wool. It offers significant improvements in terms of feel, handling and environmental performance, while still delivering the outstanding performance you expect from the traditional mineral wool. Earth wool comes in batt's or rolls that are put under the flooring ,which can be carpet (for better insulation),or wood (which provides a luxurious look).
Blanket insulation is the most common and widely used insulation; It comes in the form of rolls .It consists of flexible fibers ,usually fiberglass . You can also use rolls made from minerals , wool, plastic, fibers and natural fibers ,such as cotton and sheep's wool.

Where heat ecscapes
Real estate and building

Heat is always escaping from our homes, even if we insulate every part of our home . Even though there is no way to stop it, there are many ways to decrease it and that's what we will be discussing with you today. Today we will be focusing on how heat can go through our :floors,windows,
walls,doors,roofs and attics.we also be telling you some tips for a healthy and safe home.

Welcome to Hearsi Real Estate and Building! We are the # 1 top building and real estate company in Canada. We always make sure that our houses always have a high degree of insulation, and are built with our best effort . We also have sensible prices and remarkable outcomes. Our company solves many heating problems that many architects are struggling with daily. When we are building our houses we make sure it is green and eco friendly and most importantly, it solves all the heating and cooling problems as they leave a big impact on the house

roofs and attics
Home tips
Roofs and attics

Windows and doors
How does Earthwool work?
We hope that you liked our innovative ideas on having a heat efficient home ,and we hope that you choose our company ,for a better living and a better world and a more affordable price.
Why choose our company?
Our company has a 5 star rating.It has built more than 100 house.It has quality insulation,for a less expensive price and a better deal for the environment. If we keep this going we can stop global warming and change the future for good.
-Check the benefits for the insulation you want.
-if you want a fireplace you should install the the gas fireplace because that leaves two options the gas and the traditional fireplace
-Cover windows and patio doors with plastic film
-Eliminate drafts around electrical box
Earthwool insulation "traps "down air and slows down convection thereby reducing heat loss. Earthwool's advanced technology produces soft ,long strands of wool which trap air more effectively to save more energy.
-rot proof
-will not grow fungi or mold
-Does not contain any impurities

Walls play a big part in the insulation of your house. There are many different types of walls. There is 1. Solid walls, 2. Cavity walls, 3. Internal walls and 4. External walls
Solid walls
are walls that are exterior of your house. They are usually made out of bricks and they have no cavity.
Cavity walls
are walls that are made out of foam. The cavity is between the interior wall and exterior wall.
Internal wall
are walls that are on the inside of your house . It is usually made out of plasterboard, drywall, or different types glass.
External walls
are walls that are on
the outside of your house. It is
usually mad out of bricks, stucco
(which is cement with rocks and
-It is one of the more expensive underfloor insulation options
$ 1100

It takes about an average of $ 1100 to insulate a whole house with Earthwool
About %25 of heat escapes from the roof , which means the better the roof insulation the more saving of heat and money .That's why we decided to use blanket insulation for our attics and a metal roofs on top of the traditional shingles on top of our roofs.
Let's start by talking about the metal roof. Metal roofs provide a double protection to the already insulated shingles. We decided to use them because they come with many pros that out weight the cons.
Blanket insulation
Metal roofs
How does it help heat loss?
Most heat escapes from the roof deck.We have proper blanket insulation under metal roofs which doesn't let heat escape. Since metal is a reflector of radiant heat ,it doesn't let unwanted heat in.When heat enters it makes the house hot , which will make you raise the air conditioning and that is what we are trying to prevent. It also provides double insulation which will help keep the heat in
-Last's for 50 years
-wind resistant

-fire resistant
- hail storm /wind resistant
-They don't crack peel ,burn or blow off
-Green (good for the environment)
-Can dent if a hard object is thrown on it (a basket ball)
- External wall
-Provides double protection for your roof
- Walls are not always even
- They are hard to treat
- The walls are expensive (they are usually around $8,019.55- $12,393.85
-its one of the more expensive insulation's
(That's it!)
We are using the fiberglass rolls blanket insulation
How does it work?
Whatever heat that you are using in your home will eventually rise in to the attic which will then go to the roof and out of your house. However if you insulate your attic, when the heat rises the fiber glass rolls will not let it go through and it will go back into the house. When you install attic insulation it stops the convection cycle.


Fiber glass insulation rolls
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