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02.02B The US Constitution and Your State

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Sarah Nicolas

on 22 August 2017

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Transcript of 02.02B The US Constitution and Your State

Task 1
_6___ Principles in the Preamble
12____ States who attended the Constitutional Convention
_52___ words in the Preamble
_27___ Total number of amendments to the Constitution
10____ Amendments in the Bill of Rights
7____ Articles of the Constitution
_39___ Delegates who signed the Constitution
__3__ Number of branches of government
100____ Days was the length of the Constitutional Convention
2____ Future Presidents signed the Constitution
4____ Article that explains the rights and protections given to the states

Federal: Washington D.C.
Task 2
Directions: Find your 9 digit zip–code (look on a piece of mail or https://www.usps.com/zip4/): 85298-8723__________________________
Federal Level:

Elected Official (Name) Political Party Contact Information (at least one way) Interesting Fact(s)
President - Donald Trump; Phone number-202-456-1111 ; He has five children
Vice President - Mike Pence; Phone Number-202-456-1111;He went to Indiana University
Senator- John McCain;Phone Number 520-670-6334 ; His home town is Phoenix, AZ
Senator -Jeff Flake;Phone Number-602-840-1891; His astronomical sign is Capricorn
Representative - Paul Ryan;;Phone Number 262-654-1901; He went to Miami University
State Level:

Elected Official (Name) Political Party Contact Information (at least one way) Interesting Fact(s)
Governor- Doug Ducey; Phone Number 602-542-4331; He has three children
Lt. Governor- No position of Lt. Governor. The Governor is succeeded by the Secretary of State.
Senator- Warren Petersen; Phone Number 602-926-4136; He went to ASU
Senator - Steven Yarbrough; Phone Number 602-926-5863; He has 8 grandchildren
Select one of your state Senators or Representative and answer the following questions:

List at least two committees he/she serves on: Rules and Chair
When was this person elected to this office? 2010
Select one issue and research their position/voting record on it. Do you agree or disagree with them? Why?
Having a higher education budget, i agree with this because schools need more funding.
Local Level:

City/town: Gilbert

Head Official (mayor, city manager): Jenn Daniels

Contact Information: 480-503-6764

Research and list two upcoming events (calendar):
8/21 Great Solar Eclipse
8/22 Gilbert Fire and Rescue CERT program

Three questions you would ask him/her about your local government:
1. What is your role?
2. What duties do you have?
3. What do you think needs to be changed most about Gilbert?

02.02B The US Constitution and Your State
Sarah Nicolas
Arizona, Phoenix
The head of State Government is Governor Doug Ducey. You should visit if you like warmer weather and would like to see attractions such as the Grand Canyon. Some famous people from Arizona include actress Emma Stone and Musician Joe Jonas. Some of the things to do are to visit the Grand Canyon and to go to the Phoenix Zoo. Some physical features are cacti, dirt, and rocks. An interesting fact is that the hottest it has ever gotten in Phoenix is 122 degrees. The government will be evident through holding elections and events.
Gilbert, Az
The mayor of Gilbert is Jenn Daniels. A celebrity from Gilbert is football player Eric Swann. There is not a lot to do in Gilbert, but there are many smaller attractions like parks to go to. Gilbert is mainly known for its farming. The weather is very hot, averaging to be over 100 degrees in the summer. The best time to visit is in winter when it is cooler. Gilbert was founded in 1902. Gilbert is located in Arizona. The best food places are the local chains. The government will be evident to visitors by elections and events
The head of the government is the President, Donald Trump. Those who are interested in politics and American history should visit. Some places to visit are the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. The Washington Monument opened in 1888. The best time to visit is September through November. The Federal Government is located in Washington D.C. A reason to visit Washington D.C. is to learn about the past of the nation. The Federal Government will be evident to visitors through events held.
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