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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck

No description

Maddie Massie

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck

There are many different settings in this book but the most important one's are:
Middle school
Greg's house
The walk home from school
Any Questions?

The theme of this book is that things always happen for a reason. When these things happen you have to have faith in why they are happening too.
Hard Luck
Hard Luck is the 8th book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

This book was published in November 2013.

Jeff Kinney is the author of this book.

This book had a reading level of 5.5

This book is worth 3.0 points.
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck

Main Charters
◾Greg Heffley
◾Rowley Jefferson
◾Rodrick Heffley
◾Abigail Brown
◾Manny Heffley
◾Frank Heffley
◾Susan Heffley

The genre of this book is realistic fiction.
This is the cover of the book
Grey Heffley
Rowley Jefferson
Rodrick Heffley
By: Maddie Massie
Abigail Brown
Manny Heffely
Frank Heffley
Susan Heffley
Realistic Fiction- A form of fiction that has fake characters in it, but has real events, or events that could have happened although didn't.
Point of View
This book is in first person point of view.
First Person Point of View- The narrator is involved in the book by using words like "I" and "we".
There are 8 other books in this series.
Book 1.
Book 2.
Book 3.
Book 4.
Book 7.
Book 8.
The Conflict
There are many conflicts throughout the book, but the main conflicts are:
Greg loses his best friend Rowley to his girlfriend Abigail.
Abigail doesn't like Greg which is making Rowley and Greg grow apart.
Greg is having a hard time finding new friends.
The Magic 8 Ball
Greg finds a magic 8 ball in his moms closet which he takes and uses throughout the book as a guide; asking it lots of yes or no questions that would affect his life.
Greg's best friend, Rowley has a girlfriend, Abigail, who Greg feels is controlling Rowleys life. Greg is having some hard luck with his best friend's new life style with him being the third wheel in this relationship forcing him to find new friends. Although Greg is up to the task of finding new friends it is proven to be hard. Along his journey he goes through some exciting adventures with his family and at school like training Fregly to be a good friend, and finding a magic 8 ball that with a shake of it could make a big decision in his life. Ultimately though Rowley and Abigail break up making Greg and Rowley friends again.
Book 6.
Book 5.
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