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Managing Diversification - –

No description

Paolo Gargano

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of Managing Diversification - –

Managing Diversification - –
Managing Change in the Workplace

Reasons for Recommendations
Supported Evidence
1. Benefits of Diversity
The Managerial Problem
2. Challenges of Diversity
3. Applications of Diversity
Benefits of Diversity
Challenges of Diversity
Applications of Diversity
High performance and synergy

New perspectives

Creative marketing
Lack of cohesion

Social categorization and discrimination

Tension and conflicts
Educating workforce about fairness in social interactions

Encouraging participation from every member in both
formal and informal channels

Creating a structure that supports diversity

Finding goals suited to each employees' needs

Adapting management techniques as diversity increases

Training both managers and employees so that they can adapt to the organizational changes
Vincent Lembo:
Vice President of Finance and Administration at Montpak
International Inc.

We have identified that his ability to manage diversity in the work environment is constantly being challenged.

We have concerns regarding the company’s ability to adapt to change in the workforce, such as, new policies.
... we believe that employers in all sectors of the economy are now, or have been, focusing on attracting and maintaining a diverse workforce.
Why this Problem is Important?
1. Conducting an assessment of diversity

2. Employ a diverse and varied leadership core

3. Allow all employees to express themselves freely
Diversity assessment:

helps management in determining what challenges to diversity are present in the workplace.

Employing diverse leadership:
encourages a supportive atmosphere by increasing minority representation at different levels of the company.

Employee expression:
encourages minority employees to participate and feel as though they are valued.
Team 11, Section EE
Montpak International Inc.
Managing Diversification -
Managing Change in the Workplace
Andrea Serafini 27044666 Arnaud Jolois 27009631 Jordan Lambo 26681514 Jose Del Valle 26090397 Paolo Gargano 27001789
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