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The History of English Grammar.... And Why It's So Messed Up!

A brief history of English Grammar, and elements of why our language is so screwed up.

Eric Trusty

on 19 August 2011

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Transcript of The History of English Grammar.... And Why It's So Messed Up!

OF GRAMMAR... .... and why the English Language is sooooo messed up. 6000 B.C. The first Westernize writing system is developed by the Sumerians The Sumerians influenced the language of Greeks (Greek) Romans 700 B.C. - 900 B.C. A group of people called... In 500 B.C. The Greeks begin to study Grammar THE CELTS Arrive in Great Britain, and during the same time... 100 B.C.
First grammar book is
written by a Greek named Thrax So... Why is English so Messed up??? 1. So Many Laguages influence English 2. Use ordering principles by Greeks and Latins 3. Caxton chooses different dialects in writing 4. People still keep trying to standardize the English Language 55 B.C. The Romans come to Great Britian. The Romans take over
the territory occupied by the Celts. The Celts move into what
is now known as Ireland and Scotland. This isolates the language
and.... Latin is Introduced is introduced to Great Britian However, with the Roman Empire becoming
stretched out, the Romans start to leave Great Britain.

And around 449 A.D. a new group of people invade Great Britain and drive out the final Romans

They were.......... and defeated the Celts for good.
The Angles and the Saxons settle
around modern day London area. around 600 AD. the English Language begins to develop. HOWEVER, Romans come back and bring Christianty and........ LATIN (Latin) in 43 A.D. Roman owns Britian
and names it "Britiania" The Anglo/Saxons In 750 A.d.
The Epic Poem.. was written in English Was written in English was written in English During the 9th and 11th Century, The Scandinavians (Norse, Swedes, Finns, and Danes) come to England In 1066 part of the Norman Conquest,
William the Conqueror defeat King Harold II
at the Battle of Hastings. With this, The French takes over
England, and brings with it French and..... LATIN!!! 11th century The first English grammar book is written. In 1200, The French control over England begins to slip
and finally after around 150 years an English King takes over England Geoffery Chaucer
1340-1400 Wrote The Canterbury Tales First British Literature published
on the printing press, and first
literature to be printed in England William Caxton
1422- 1491 Brought the printing press to
England Attempts to standardize
the English Language
with The Canterbury Tales He mixed dialects from various
parts of England In 1476, Caxton also publishes
the first English Spelling Book AND IN 1564 THE KING
IS BORN. HE IS???? William Shakespeare
1564-1616 He Builds the English Vocabulary
by building new words. From the years after Shakespeare's death till present day
People have been trying to standardize the English Language. http://www.wwnorton.com/college/english/nael/noa/audio.htm These tribes consist of 4 Germanic tribes: Angles, Saxons, Jutes, and Frisians. was written in English
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