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Windshield Survey

Lawrence, MA

Caitlyn McGinn

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Windshield Survey

Windshield Survey
-City located 25 Miles North of Boston in Essex County.
-Only 7.4 Square miles
-Built in the 1840's to be an industrial city

Caitlyn McGinn, Reina Itturralde, Meagan Mackay, Lyndsey Dunbar, Jamie Fallon, Alyssa Bradley
Housing and Zoning
Multiple neighborhoods visible from the main roads that all had detached homes in close proximity to each other.
These homes appeared to have multiple families living in them due to the large space for parking out front.
Houses had vinyl siding and most were in good condition while others looked aged.
There were also apartment buildings made of brick near the hospital that had very little space for a yard, but had a park easily accessible across the street.
The overall condition of these buildings seemed to be well kept in the area we looked at.
Open Space
There was very minimal open space we found, there was Misserville Park near the hospital but it consisted of black tops and a small grassy area.
There was consistently small patches of grass and trees throughout our drive with a large wooded area behind the hospital.
The lot sizes of the apartments/homes we saw were rather small with no yard or very little yard.
Most of the areas were public areas that could be used by everyone.
The boundaries near LGH had extensive tree coverage by the hospital and on the sides of the roads near the hospital.
As we began to drive away from the hospital, the tree coverage lessened and the quality of the buildings began to decrease.
The hospital had multiple buildings that were in great condition and after leaving the campus area there weren’t many large buildings other than apartments.
• Lawrence Heritage State Park Visitors Center 1 Jackson Street (978) 794-1655
• Pemberton Park (off canal street near central bridge): picnics, strolls, fishing along Merrimack River
• Lawrence Riverfront State Park and Boathouse (Eaton and Everett Streets)
• Many ethnic restaurants were seen during the drive
• The common area is mostly open to the stranger and anyone is able to visit.

Over 20 bus stops, bus comes every 30 minutes (not every bus stop has an indoor waiting area), cars, bikes, walking, train on Market Street comes every 30 minutes to every hour, Amtrak

Highways: 495 & within 5 minutes of 93

Sidewalks on main roads, street lights

Service Centers
Signs of Decay
Lawrence is filled with old mill buildings throughout the city.
Some are dilapidated but many other have been rehabilitated and re-purposed
Many of the old mills have now become apartments, medical offices, stores, restaurants and office buildings.
Most sidewalks and streets around the hospital were well kept and newly paved.
We passed down other streets that had pot holes and needed some work.
• The residents are dominantly Hispanic and/or Latino.
Many restaurants and convenient stores were in Spanish.
There were a few Caucasians and African-Americans on the street but most people were of Spanish decent.
convenient stores with the Spanish language as well as many churches in the area
many buildings and street signs were were in English as well as Spanish
Several Catholic schools
Mexican restaurants, Irish bars/ restaurants, oriental restaurants and grocery stores, and Italian restaurants
Catholic Church, Jewish, United Church of Christ, Episcopal Church, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
Adherents 77.8% 4.7% 3.3% 3.0% 2.2%
Congregations 18.5% 7.7% 13.0% 7.4% 1.6%

Health & Morbidity
-During our drive we did not see evidence of any acute or chronic diseases or conditions. Most of the people that we saw were smoking which is something health care providers need to be aware of. During our drive through Lawrence we drove past Lawrence General and past a medical center and clinic. Doctor’s offices were located on the Lawrence General road.

-The address to Lawrence General is: 1 General Street, Lawrence, MA 01842-0389

Do you see outdoor television antennas?
I did not notice any television antennas but many homes did have TV satellite dishes.

What magazines, newspapers do residents read? Do you see Forward Times, Hampton Post, Enquirer, Readers’ Digest in the stores?
Most of their newspapers were in Spanish.
The Eagle Tribune is popular in Lawrence, which is in English.
I did go into a corner convenient store and they did not sell newspapers.
What media seem most important to the residents – radio, television, print?
I would say both television and print are important residence. There are Spanish channels/news and the news papers are in Spanish which are guided towards the population.
Street People
Health Statistics
Social Determinants of health:
Neighborhood and Built environment
Health & Healthcare
Social & Community Context
Economic Stability

United Methodist Church, American Baptist Churches in the USA, Assemblies of God, Church of the Nazarene, Other
Adherents 1.9% 1.1% 0.7% 0.6% 4.7%
Congregations 8.2% 6.3% 4.2% 1.9% 31.2%

-Lawrence Mass has 23 known churches in the town. We did not see any evidence of people using the churches during our drive. However, the church we passed by Corpas Christi Parish which is a catholic faith church on their website they have prayer group on Thursday’s in Spanish.

-According to the City data.com website – Lawrence ma has 64.47% of the population that is affiliated with a religious congregation compared to the USA which is 50.2%

-The highest denomination in Lawrence, MA for is the Catholic Church.
We only saw a couple of churches we passed by we noticed were of the catholic faith.
According to city data on Lawrence, MA this was the breakdown of religion
In Lawrence you will see a wide variety of people while driving through the city.
On General Street you will see Hospital employees and patients walking around outside the hospital. Also, you will see school children who go to James Leonard Middle school.
We passed a few teenage boys long-boarding down canal street.
-According to Greater Lawrence Family Health Center
- Elevated rates of: asthma, diabetes, TB, teenage pregnancy, lead paint poisoning, and substance abuse
-Nearly 41% of Latino patients with diabetes have blood sugar controlled compared to only 15% five years ago
-Dramatic decline in infant mortality rate from high of 16.5 deaths/1,000 births in 1986 to 5.6 in 2007
-Decrease in low birth weight among Lawrence newborns
-43 percent decline in teen pregnancies and 30 percent fewer dismissals at SBHCs
-No HIV+ babies born to Lawrence women in more than 14 years
-AIDS case rate is dropping faster than statewide
-STD rates dropped faster in Lawrence than statewide

Do you see any political campaign posters? Is there a headquarters present? Do you see an evidence of a predominant party affiliation?
The only campaign posters I saw in the area we drove through was for Democratic Mayor Lantigua.
Novemeber 4, 2013- election favored Riviera with more than 60 votes over Lantigua.
During Lantigua’s first year term he faced many high-profile political problems.
He was also filed in a lawsuit that alleged he violated campaign finance laws.
During the November vote many of the voting was pretty chaotic. Machines were broken. Many of the ballots were watched by police and hand counted until the machines were working again.
On our drive we saw a lot of health related places. There was a lot of doctors offices, dentists, and Lawrence General Hospital.
Lawrence aquatic center
Playgrounds, parks, skate park
Travel clinic @. lGH
Rape Crisis Center Lawrence and North Shore Area:
YWCA of Greater Lawrence,38 Lawrence Street
Lawrence, MA 01840
Hotline: (877) 509-9922

There was also a lot of schools including elementary, middle, and high school as well as fraternities and schools like:
NECCO: Northern Essex Community college
Phoenix Charter Academy
Jewish Community center

Population: 76,377
Unemployment percentage: 16.3%
Land: 6.97 square mi.
Pop. per sq. mile: 10,974
Median household income: $31,631(Massachusetts median:$65,981)
Below poverty line: 28.6% (Massachusetts 10.7%)

Median age: 30.5
Under 18: 29%
Over 65: 8.6%
Male: 41.6%
Hispanic or Latino: 73.8%
White: 20.5
African American: 7.6%
Asian: 2.5%
Pacific Islander: 0.1%
Estimated median house or condo value in 2011: $198,600 (it was $116,400 in 2000)

Mean prices in 2011:
All housing units: $268,366
Detached houses: $281,311
Townhouses or other attached units: $226,195
In 2-unit structures: $259,146
In 3-to-4-unit structures: $281,194
In 5-or-more-unit structures: $563,179
Mobile homes: $147,926
Median gross rent in 2011: $917.

Grocery stores (Market Basket)
Pharmacies (Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS)
Convenient Stores (Grace's Market, Gonzalez Market, 7 Eleven)
Fisichelle's Bakery & Tripoli Bakery
Auto stores, florists, and thrift stores
Create social and physical environments that promote good health for all
Social Determinants of Health
Vaccines at the hospital & doctors offices
Education: Pamphlets & posters in English & Spanish from GLFHC.
Nutritional programs in schools
Secondary: Want to identify people at risk
perform blood pressure screenings
better nutrition at school
after school sports activity available through school or a rec department
Tuberculosis clinic
Rehab facilities
City of lawrence massachusetts. (2013). Retrieved from http://www.cityoflawrence.com/
DCR Massachusetts. (2006). Lawrence Heritage State Park. [Brochure]. Lawrence, MA: DCR
Greater lawrence family health center. (2012). Retrieved from http://glfhc.org/site/
Lawrence. (2013). Retrieved from http://www.city-data.com/city/Lawrence-Massachusetts.html
Lawrence Downtown Parking Associates. (1998). City of Lawrence: Downtown Parking & Street Directory. [Brochure]. Lawrence, MA
Merrimack valley regional transit authority. (2008). Retrieved from http://www.mvrta.com/
Patrick, Deval. Massachusetts. MA Department of Public Health. Bureau of Health Information Research Statistics and Evaluation. Lawrence: , 2013. Web. <http://www.mass.gov/eohhs/gov/departments/dph/programs/health-stats/>.

Karen, Case Manager at Lawrence

Poverty is a big problem that we see frequently in Lawrence. This can lead to things like poor education, smoking, obesity and diabetes and heart disease.

Were trying to focus education on addressing the health issues of infants and children such as immunizations, nutrition, lead poisoning, accidents, and asthma.
Adolescents are at great risk for STD/STIs, accidents, tobacco, drug and alcohol abuse and violence leading to serious injuries and sometimes deaths.
In the overall population we see a lot of asthma, pneumonia, STD/STIs, and drug use.

Lawrence started a disposal service in 2012 where people can drop off needles and prescription medications that aren’t being used.

Mortality 2010-Total deaths: 406
Heart disease: 103
Total cancer: 79
Stroke: 26
Diabetes: 19
Influenza /Pneumonia: 13
Motor Vehicle: 3
Homicide: 8
Suicide: 4
Narcotics: 5

-Number of births at Lawrence General Hospital(2010): 1,529
-Nearly 800 babies delivered each year
A morbidity statistic could not be found...

Strengths & Weaknesses
Health Access
Church/ Community Access
Recent Construction & Road work
Good resources for patients

Drug activity
Large amount of people living under the poverty line
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