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Positive and Negative Numbers on a Number line

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Jocelyn Diaz

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Positive and Negative Numbers on a Number line

Learning Positive and Negative Numbers on a Number line
By:Jocelyn Diaz

Today I am going to be teaching you about positive and negative numbers on a number line, and the key ideas and resources to help you do that. Hope you enjoy and learn something new.
Step 1
First, you draw out your number line to which ever number you would want. It could be to 10, or 110. Remember, "Lines go on, and on, and on, and on." Also remember to draw your zero in the middle; because you are drawing two sides, a positive, and a negative side. The origin zero is very important, because it is separating the two sides from each other.
Step 2
Absolute Value
The absolute value of a number is the distance between the number and zero on the number line. For example, if you count from -9 to zero, it is just nine away. It doesn't change if you count from 9 on the positive side. It is the same for 8, or 12, or any number.
You're Done!!!!
It is really hard for your brain to make that flip-flop, but remember when your looking on the negative side of a number line, the greater number like 4 on the positive side, is always smaller than 3 on the negative side. REMEMBER, ONLY FOR THE NEGATIVE SIDE, NOT THE POSITIVE SIDE!

Trick Question: Is negative three greater, or less than negative four?

Maybe you might have thought that since four is greater that three, negative four would be greater that negative three. And sorry, it's not.

For example, if you take a look on a number line, you could see that negative three is actually closer to zero, and negative four is farther, so that would mean that negative three is greater.
You have now learned about the distance between positive and negative numbers on a number line! Now that you know about positive and negative numbers what is the absolute value of -102?
If you got 102, You are:
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