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Save the Moon for Kerdy Dickus plot graph

No description

Tyler Checketts

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Save the Moon for Kerdy Dickus plot graph

Save the Moon for Kerdy Dickus
Plot Graph 1) Intro Ky's family are watching the movie "It's
a Wonderful Life" just like every year around Christmas time. 2) Inital Incident While Cooking more okanomiyaki they notice a
stranger standing outside in the rain storm. 3) Rising Action -They invite him inside to get out of the storm. They notice that he had lost all of his memory, the only thing he can remember was that his dad was in the truck that they crashed in the ditch.
- They offer him to clean to wash his clothes and get him some okonomiyaki to eat and a towel for when his clothes were being washed. He then takes off his clothes and puts on the towel but rejects the offer of having okonomiyaki.
-later on he finally starts eating okonomiyaki, once done he has 3 plates of it. That's when Ky says "Save some room for Turkey dinner."
-The stranger asks to use their phone, but he didn't know how to use one. After he tried a few times he asks if they knew who Lloydy Rintoul is.
-Ky and her parents refused and the Stranger started to get impatient, so he decided to leave to get Lloydy to help him with his truck.
-Ky decides to get him her flashlight she got for Christmas last year and a poncho.
-The Stranger promises to return the items.
-Once the Stranger leaves Ky and her family decide to go to bed. 4) Climax -The next morning Ky's father asks if Ky and her mother can go to the grocery store.
-When at the grocery store Ky notices an article on the newspaper saying "Biy abducted by aliens and tested on." Ky and her mother start reading it and know it was the stranger telling his story of when he was at their house.
-They found out he was drunk and high from drugs and alcohol but because he was drunk he thought Ky and her parents made him take off his clothes, eat gross food, and thought he was abducted by aliens because they were Chinese because he was drunk. 5) Falling Action -Once leaving the grocery store they walk into the same stranger that was at their house last night. Once he sees them he says "Save the Moon for Kerdy Dickus."
-After being stunned with confusion they realized that he thought that when Ky said "Save some room for turkey dinner" that they said "Save the Moon for Kerdy Dickus." 6) Resolution Now here are some questions for YOU. Do you think that Ky's parents did the right
thing to let a random stranger into their house? Also if we didn't tell you from our work
would you of thought that the stranger was abducted by aliens or he was on drugs and alcohol?
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