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Mexico city

No description

Erik Rodriguez

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Mexico city

BY:Allan Bautista
Erik Rodriguez Mexico City The Independence of Mexico The landmarks
of Mexico the mayan temple el Angel el angel was built to
remember the win of
Mexico vs. France,
which gave Mexico thier
Independence. The Mayan Temple was
built by the Mayans to
show why God used churches
instead of temples,They also
built it for the people without
homes. El ZOCALO El Zocalo is the main
square in the center
of Mexico City. El Zocalo is the main
square in the center
of Mexico City. Facts about
Mexico City the population of Mexico City in 2009 is about 8.84 million The area of Mexico City is
about 1485 square kilometers. Mexico City is one
of the largest metropolis
in the world The tallest buildings in Mexico City is called theTorre Refroma, Torre Mayor, and the Torre Ejecutiva Pemex. Independence Day was started by
Miguel Hilgado.He started what is
now called "El Grito Del Mexico",which
is on Semptember 15.The war lasted 11
years.After the war was over, Hilgado
was killed during the war.A statue was
built in memory of Hilgado Mexico City is the
largest city in Mexico the green means
independence. the white means
religion. the red means
union. The Mexican Flag
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