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Meghan Hudson

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Reconstruction

Social Reconstruction
Freed African-Americans slaves were greatly impacted after the war
Southerners were angry that they lost the war and that the South was destroyed
They became racist towards freed slaves
Black codes-
laws that put restrictions on freed slaves
They could not own guns and were forced to sign work contracts
Later became Jim Crow Laws
These laws segregated blacks and whites
Reconstruction Amendments
13th Amendment-(1865) Made slavery illegal everywhere
14th Amendment-(1866) Gave freed slaves citizenship and equality with other races
15th Amendment-(1869) Gave all African-Americans the right to vote
Was there Equality?
NO!!! Even though these amendments added to the Constitution, white southerners tried to deny equality to blacks. How?

States in the south passed laws that forced African-Americans to take reading tests before voting. Some states wouldn't let them vote at all.
Some states wouldn't allow African-Americans to get married

Supporters of Reconstruction
The Republican Party (Lincoln's Party) supported Reconstruction
Carpetbaggers-Republicans from the North that moved south to profit from the destroyed south
Scalawags-Republican southerners who were hated by Democratic southerners b/c felt they had betrayed the South for voting for the Republican Party
**The South was mostly Democratic at this time...remember that the party split over the slavery issue
Political Reconstruction
There were three different plans for reconstructing the South after the Civil War
Lincoln's Plan, called the Ten Percent Plan
Johnson's Plan
Radical Republican's Plan, the Military Plan
A twelve year period (1865-1877) of rebuilding the South and reuniting the country following the Civil War
The Union army destroyed many southern cities, railroads, and farms
Confederate money was useless and many people were bankrupt
Reconstruction is divided into two parts: social reconstruction (how the people were impacted) and political reconstruction (how the government and Presidents fixed things in the South)
Lincoln's Plan
Before his death, Lincoln already began planning how to rebuild the South
He did not want to punish the South for starting the war
Wanted the country to come back together
Plan to fix the south =
10% Plan
10% of southern voters had to swear an oath to the Union to come back into the US
This plan was more lenient--it was easy to come back into the Union
Lincoln's assassination stopped the plan
Johnson's Plan
Andrew Johnson became the 17th POTUS after Lincoln's death
His plan for Reconstruction was more strict--he wanted to punish the southern rich
He was very racist and against equality for African-Americans
This caused Reconstruction to be a failure in the South and Congress took over
First president to be impeached
Congress's Plan
Congress hated Johnson's plan and felt it did not give enough rights to blacks
Passed the Reconstruction Acts of 1867
Divided the South into five districts that were controlled by the military
Southern states had to create new governments, a constitution, and adopt the 14th Amendment
Then they were allowed to be a part of the USA again
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