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LifeSaver Bottle

No description

Dani Cattani

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of LifeSaver Bottle

How Does This Work? Solving For a Better Environment and Better Health Clear as a Crystal Where is it Used? Pollution Should be Scared LifeSaver Bottle *Military
* Recreational Effective
Innovation This product works by a filtration system being installed in a water bottle, it can clean water from any place including glacial streams and rivers or, simply, sitting puddles of water. It removes viruses and bacteria that could be in water that has not been treated. This product was created in 2007 by Micheal Pritchard. When Was it Made? Effectiveness and Benefits * Extremely Effective
*Brought clean water to poverty stricken countries, such as Haiti and Pakistan
*Reduced the amount of weight a soldier must carry
* Less water for purification factories to clean (less pollution from factories)
*Less plastic water bottles
*Able to drink clean water when there is no clean and drinkable water near you.
* Solves the problem of clean water not being accessible in third world countries,
*Can reduce the amount of pollutant being produced by water purification plants.
*Reduces amount of plastic bottles being disposed of Sustainable and Realistic *Can operate from -50 to 60 degrees celsius
*Extremely realistic
*No longer have to install water purification systems (many pollutants are created by manufacturing of water purification systems)
*Very durable
Assistance, Enhancement, and Replacement *Assisting the natural way of obtaining clean water
*Enhancing the purity of "natural" water
*Replacing the need for environmentally harmful plastic bottles
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