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Victoria's Secret in Luanda

By: Kelly, James, Cory, and Alice

Kelly Hinton

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Victoria's Secret in Luanda

Wealthy upper class Angolan Women ages 16-45 living in the greater Luanda region.
Angola’s upper class consists mostly of family, and friends of government officials.
Very small middle class Target Market Virtually no competition
Highly profitable. Can sell products at 3x%
First Mover’s Advantage
Scalable Business Model e.g. Portugal
Angola’s economy is booming and developing rapidly Why This Opportunity is Viable Our Recommendation Angola usually does not offer visas or permits to foreigners.
Long, inefficient import supply chain due to bureaucratic intervention in free trade.
High taxes and tariffs increasing cost.
High levels of government corruption can mean unplanned difficulties.
How will we effectively train Angolans? Major Challenges Fashion show in Hotel SANA with Victoria's Secret Angels (key marketing tool)
Social Media
Billboards and print ads
Presence at concerts, high profile events Marketing Strategy Estimated Square Footage of Store: 10,000
Annual Sales Forecast: $7-12 million USD
Monthly: $600,000-$1million Projections Franchise: Joint Venture Partnership with Angolan businessman who has government connections.
Develop healthy relationship with Angola’s Minister of Commerce.
Acquire Visa with Minister’s approval to send managers over from America to train Angolan employees. Entry Strategy Bribery is an integrated part of the process in establishing business ventures
High entry barriers exist for foreign firms such as
high taxes/tariffs
strict visa control
corruption etc.
Partnership with Angolan Business man is virtually the only way to start a foreign business in Angola Angolan Business Customs Fastest growing economy between 2001-2010 at 11.1% of GDP
2nd largest oil exporter in Africa
4th largest rough diamond supplier
10% of population holds nearly 50% of the wealth
Majority of population is living below the poverty line Angolan Economy
Hotel EPIC SANA - Lua da Missão Hotel Mall - Luanda, Angola

Located in downtown Luanda
Near corporate and administrative centers
Near leisure and tourist attractions.

Mall Features:
multi-lingual staff
private security
other designer/tier 1 brands. Target Location Angola is a southern African nation.
Capital City - Luanda (Most expensive city for expats)
Official Language – Portuguese
Population – Apx. 19.6 million The Republic of Angola $66 Million USD on advertising each year
Victoria’s Secret Annual Fashion Show: $12 Mil Dollar Budget (2011)
Commercials (TV, Youtube)
Print Ads (Magazines)
Sales (annual, semi-annual)
Social Media / Media 2.0 Victoria’s Secret Marketing Mission Statement of Parent Company :

"Limited Brands is committed to building a family of the world's best fashion brands offering captivating customer experiences that drive long-term loyalty and deliver sustained growth for our shareholders."  Largest American retailer of lingerie 

Founded by Roy Raymond in 1977 – San Francisco

Headquarters - Colombus, Ohio

1,017 company-owned stores, 18 independently owned stores Victoria’s Secret James, Kelly, Cory, Alice Victoria Secret In Angola Angola's Finest The Majority V.S. It's A Go!
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