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Andre Agassi

The Story of Andre Agassi's Life

Greg Marcus

on 10 February 2011

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Transcript of Andre Agassi

Andre "The Giant killer" Agassi Andre Agassi is a legendary tennis player
from the 80's. He is famous for his crazy hair,
crazy clothes, and crazy attitude. During his 2
decade career Andre has left his mark on professional
tennis as one to be remembered. Starting tennis at the age of 2, Andre was one of the finest examples of a "little champion". By the age of 6 he was hitting 2 sessions a day with 10,000 balls hit each session Andre's father Mike (an olympic boxer from Iran) trained him very hard. Some of his tactics were considered cruel to the young Andre. Mike would set up 10 individual ball machines on the court so Andre wouldnt know which way the ball was going to come from. If he missed he was scolded for it. At a 12 year olds tournament in Las Vegas Andre came in 4th.
His father took the trophy that he had gotten and smashed it to send the message that 4th isnt good enough. In 1983 Mike decided Andre had gotten to good for the Las Vegas tennis scene, so he sent him to Nick Bollieteri's Tennis Academy to further his training. Andre was 13 years old. By this point Andre disliked the game of tennis, because it was taking him away from his childhood and away from home. In 1986 after spending 3 years at the academy, Andre turned pro. He lost his first professional match, making his climb into the ranks of the veterans even longer. For the rest of that year Andre's ranking was around 132. With his new sponsor from nike Andre started his fad as the crazy hair amd crazy dresser. Because of his new look Andre became the national "sex symbol" of tennis. After Andre turned pro he began to have a real personal life. He married Brooke Shields in 1991. Andre had trouble concentrating so much that he entered a slump that sent him back into the minors. With her acting career and his tennis career taking off they just couldnt be together. They divorced each other 2 years later. After divorcing Brooke, Andre finally had time to concentrate on tennis. His concentration paid off when he won Wimbledon after a grueling 5 set match in 1992. Winning Wimbledon seemed to inspire Andre, because for the next 3 years he climbed to the top to become number one in the world after winning the U.S. and Australian Open Andre was an all around amazing player. He became number 1 in his 30s, an age considered ancient in tennis. At the end of his career Andre set the following records:
Career Golden Slam
Career Slam
800 wins-200 loses
Olympic gold medal
30 million dollars in earnings
7th best mens player of all time (Tennis Magazine
12th best player overall of all time
Australian Open-26 consecutive victories
and many more... Andre will always be remembered as one of the greats of tennis and is personally my favorite player. Thanks For Watching!
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