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AP Stats Project - Response Bias

No description

Zach Krebs

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of AP Stats Project - Response Bias

AP Stats Project - Response Bias
By - Zach and Terrence

Graphs and Summary Statistics
The conclusion is that there is a 10% difference between the biased question that said we should have homework and the biased question that said we shouldn't. Only 3% of the people who answered the non-biased question said that we should have homework over Thanksgiving break. Our hypothesis that question wording affects response bias is correct. Possible errors are that we didn't have a random enough sample and that there were different interviewers at different times.
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
The question that we are trying to answer is "Does question wording affect response bias?"
Our hypothesis is that question wording will affect response bias.
Non-biased question - Do you think we should have homework over Thanksgiving vacation?
Biased question #1 - Final exams are right after Thanksgiving vacation. Some homework assignment might help up get better grades on the exams. Do you think we should have homework during Thanksgiving vacation?
Biased question #2 - Thanksgiving vacation is a very important time to spend with family and friends. Do you think we should have homework during thanksgiving vacation?
Data Collection
Population - all students at MCC
Sample: Randomly select 9 religion class period.
1 We use paper and hat to randomly select 9 religion class period
2 We use the same way to assign each question to three religions classes
3 We ask our religion teachers to give their classes these questions as bell work.
We went to collect the paper with response and calculate it after school
How we prevent other biases
We did not tell the religion teachers that those questions are for a statistic project and so that the students don't know it either. (Double Blind)
The students did not need to write down their name. So that they will write down the answer they really want to choose.
Other Biases
All the individuals we got information from are students. Many other people were left out of the experiment. Students favor "no homework". This might be a response bias this experiment had.
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