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Crazy journalz

No description

Alex Chu

on 19 April 2014

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Transcript of Crazy journalz

Zoowy mama is the funny of the lord of funny
too many kid dont take flu shot
the leafs going down again
Hope leafs do better next year
Me like Zoowy MAMA
the news cut/stories
The doctor corner
The leafs started pretty strong but lack of defence
are going down like last
year we toronto fans are
going to pray for more wins for 2014-2015 year
too get into the playoffs
Over the many year doctor have been saying kids d'ont take the flu shot so so many kids get the flu SO TAKE THE
Captain america is bad
people say captain america is good i say he sucks
Number is 012345678910
Free lotto ticket here
People who started marvel are dum
because Captain america is a big phonie and all is use his shield .
Most people say that captisn amer-
ica are they're fav superhero but he sucks.
We hope you win
Crazy journalz
crazy journalz volume 2
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