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Credit Card Numbers SAS 13

No description

Taylor Bell

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Credit Card Numbers SAS 13

Answer 2
1*5*10^14= 5E14
Question 2
Show that the check digit (d) for Visa card 416200123456789d is 3
Question 1
MasterCard numbers begin with 51,52,53,54 or 55. What is the maximum number of credit cards that MasterCard an issue?
Answer 2
4+6+0+1+3+5+7+9= 35*2= 70
70+4(the number of odd position digits greater than 4) = 74
74+23= 97
d= 3
Question 3
What is the check digit (d) for MasterCard number 542498132720008d?
Answer 3

Extension VIN
Each vehicle has an identification number on the driver's side on the dashboard. No two cars within 30 years of each other have the same VIN number. The first number identifies the nations origin. The second number identifies the manufacturer of the vehicle. The third digit identifies a division within the manufacturer or a general vehicle type. Numbers four through 8 are vehicle descriptors. Number nine is the check digit. Number 10 is model year. Number 11 is the plant code. Number 12-17 production sequence number. The error that occurs during the the proccess of VIN numbers is that in Japan some vehicle do not have 17 characters. These vehicle have to get a 17 digir character before they can be registered and driven off the lot.
Credit Card Numbers SAS 13
Question 4
A. Show that 4128001243890110 is an invalid Visa credit card number?
B. Change one digit in this invalid number so the resulting number is valid.
Answer 4
A. There's no way to you could tell which digit is the invalid incorrect.
B. If you change the very last digit in the series to a 5 then the the credit card number becomes valid.
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