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The Girls Vs. The Boys: Gender Specific Determinants of Success

SIR Presentation

Robert Cheung

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of The Girls Vs. The Boys: Gender Specific Determinants of Success

The Girls Vs. The Boys:
Gender Specific Determinants of Success Robert Cheung Sharada Dharmasankar Advised by Nicholas Mader and John-Eric Humpries Introduction Methods and Materials Results Conclusions Discussion Males have traditionally made more than females
Both genders have similar holds over white-collar jobs
Indicators of Success: Cognitive skill, Non-cognitive skill

All data from NLSY : AFQT, Rotter, Rosenberg, Attendance
Dropped cases: wage=0 missing values in 1 or more key variables
Log transformed OLS regression on wage over:
Educational attainment, social setting, ethnicity
Cognitive Skill
Non-cognitive skill
Gender specific Non-cognitive skill Results show non-cognitive skill to have positive associations with wage at ages 25 and 40 but not 30 and 35
Research by Murnane et. al confirms a nationwide increase in demand for cognitive skill in late 1980's
Study by Baltes suggests a "cognitive limit"
Probit shows unexpected results for educational attainment at age 25 Acknowledgements ...to Dr. Nicholas Mader, John-Eric Humpries, University of Chicago, Dr. James Heckman, and the entire SIR Staff for making this inquiry possible.
Thanks for coming!
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