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Renewable Energy

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safwan alam

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Renewable Energy

Energy Needs Fossil Fuels Nuclear Energy Renewable Energy Solar Energy Wind Energy Hydro Energy - We live in a very technologically advanced world
- To continue living with these devices we need energy - We use energy for a lot of things
- Main house uses of energy are heating, cooling, and water heating http://dktechnologygroup.com/images/Financial-Technology.jpg http://www.energysavers.gov/tips/images/pg4_energyuse.gif - For all these energy needs we need a lot of power - Currently we have three main sources of energy
-Fossil Fuel (Petroleum, Coal, Natural Gas)
- Nuclear
- Renewable (Solar, Wind, Hydro) - Fossil Fuels are created from dead organisms buried deep within an oxygen depleted environment
- They have a lot of stored energy in them
- Energy can be released through combustion History -First use of fossil fuels dates back to 2000 BC
- China: for cooking and heating purposes
-1600's hot flammable coal was used to heat and form steel
- led to industrial revolution
-Industrial revolution converted human tasks to machine tasks
-1712: Thomas Newcome designed first engine to pump oil
-1748: Many coal mines started to appear
-1901: Oil grew popular
-1908: Henry ford created the consumer car
-One of today's main energy consuming devices
-Use of fossil fuels continue to grow What are they? Coal -Since coal is buried underground, coal mines were created to retrieve it
-Coal mines are huge tunnels deep underground
-Original Method was to travel down and use coal miners to retrieve it
-Very dangerous: Mine could collapse, depletion of oxygen could cause suffocation, injuries could occur easily in dark, etc... Oil -To retrieve oil was harder
-Machines had to be made in order to pump it out of oil sands
-Worked by motor that, using mechanisms, caused an up and down motion on a shaft
-This shaft was connected to a filter and pump, so that the oil could be pushed upward into a storage bin RENEWABLE ENERGY - Nuclear energy is created by splitting atoms in a chain reaction
-the splitting of atoms creates energy, and this energy is then converted to use for our purposes such as electricity History -Nuclear energy is pretty recent
-1942: Enrico Fermi discovered the splitting of atoms produced energy
-originally used for creating bombs
-1951: a successful nuclear power plant was built in Idaho
-1957: nuclear energy grew more and more popular and making notable presence
-Soon people started to discover of its risks and dangers
-Example 2011: Japan earthquake causes near meltdown in nuclear power plant What is it? How it works - The process of splitting the atoms is a complicated process
- The maintenance of the power plant as a whole is another important process
- During the process the nuclear reactors get very hot and must be cooled by submerged in water
- The pressurized water is used to cool it down
- Usually another hydro turbine is used to generate electricity for efficiency -Fossil Fuels are not infinite, and everyday there is less left
-They also create a lot of harm for the environment (i.e. carbon emissions)
-Nuclear energy is sometimes considered efficient
-However old nuclear cells remain radio active for millions of years, therefore it is not a reliable source
-A solution to the energy problem then lies with renewable energies
-Energies that are not finite or harmful - Solar energy is energy from the sun
- It has existed for ages, and unlike other energies it has countless uses
-All life depends on sunlight to exist History - Few prehistoric uses of sunlight were for light and heat
- Egyptians used sunlight to dry dead bodies
- Greek soldiers used it to burn Roman ships
-1839: first observation of electrons absorbing electricity from light, Edmond Becquerel
-1880: first selenium built with only 2% efficiency
-1954: selenium reached 11% efficiency
-1999: efficiency 36%, solar energy at all time boom
-2008-2010: Cost of solar energy leads to its demise
-2012: Solar energy began to make presence again What is it? Some Uses -Lighting; open windows
-Cooking; Solar Oven http://www.sunbdcorp.com/images/dishes/frozenbread_large.jpg How it makes Electricity - Solar rays hit photosensitive material; usually silicon
- Energy from light moves electrons in silicon
- electrons transferred to wires pre-placed in the design
-Wires carry the electrons; ELECTRICITY! - Hydro Energy is energy created from the water
- the most common method is through turbine
- However hydro energy can have more direct purposes:
-using the movement of water to travel
-using the pressure from to move cranes
-using a turbine to grind grain History - Multiple uses of water energy have existed for ages
-1882: first hydroelectric plant was built
-late 1800s: Hydroelectricity was starting to boom already
-1936: the Hoover Dam was complete; creating on average 4 billion kilowatts of energy per hour
-2008: the biggest hydroelectric plant was built
-Hydroelectricity continues to grow (more so near areas with large bodies of water) What is it? How it works - Simply put: Water spins a turbine to make energy
-3 Main components: Intake, turbine, outake
-Intake is at a place of elevation; forces water to flow down to turbine
-Turbine spins producing electricity
-Water is flowed out through the outtake
-Much like wind energy http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/57/Hydroelectric_dam.svg/300px-Hydroelectric_dam.svg.png - Wind Energy is energy included in the wind
- Like all other energies it too can be converted to electricity
- Wind Electricity is usually produced in large fields using tall turbines History -Many uses of wind energy existed before the use for electricity
-Sail boats, grinding flour, and such
-1887: first electricity producing turbine was created
-Over the years the efficiency was improved using electromagnetism principles
-Although not extremely popular, wind turbine fields started to appear
-these fields are massive in size and contain several wind turbines What is it? How it works - Coverts kinetic energy in wind to electrical energy
- traveling wind hit the turbine blades
-this forces blades on the rotor to spin it
-the rotor in connected to a motor which also spins
-The spinning of the motor produces electricity http://need-media.smugmug.com/Graphics/Graphics/i-5GQKwgR/1/L/Wind%20Turbine%20Diagram-L.jpg http://www.clker.com/cliparts/2/a/b/c/1195422026161972150h0us3s_Sign_danger_high_voltage.svg.hi.png
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