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Science Specialist

No description

Angela Hackenwerth

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Science Specialist

Getting it done K-4 STEM Pacing Guide
Planning together
Collaboration with other teachers Teamwork Continuity
Inquiry based learning
Hands-On lessons
Lab environment Students
Class set
Research projects
Science websites and applications that reinforce concepts taught in class
Virtual Websites (owl pellets)
Mimio lessons
Microscope attachment for document camera
Mobile Netbook labs
iPod touch labs
Useful for applications - compass apps Technology Professional Development Project Wet
Project Learning Tree
Project Wild
Discover Nature Schools
Science and technology conferences and classes Look fors:

What do you notice about how students are actively engaged in science? STEM: Getting it Done K - 4 Time for content
Nonfiction Literacy
Best Method Instructional Strategies
Kids—FUN! Generate Interest in Science. Considerations: March 2008—Organisation for Economic Co-operation
and Development (OECD)

24.4% of U.S. fifteen-year-olds do not reach the
baseline of scientific achievement—
the level at which they can use science and
technology in life situations. STEM: Getting it Done K – 4 March 2008—Organisation for Economic Co-operation
and Development (OECD)

In 2003, the US ranked 21st of 30 OECD countries
in scientific literacy, and the
US score of 489 fell below the OECD average of 500. STEM: Getting it Done K – 4 STEM: Getting it Done K – 4 Science Specialists:
Angela Hackenwerth Carrie Perrigue
Sandra Roy Anna Thurman
Craig Carson, Asst. Supt. STEM: Getting it Done K – 4 How are the students processing?
What is aiding their comprehension? If this were your school, what practices do
you consider a success?
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