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Hubble space telescope

No description

chase newell

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Hubble space telescope

What is t he need for a space telescope? How does it work? Who are the major designers for Hubble? How the problems were fixed. Citations Space telescopes are above the atmosphere, so they can get better images of stars and such. There where hundreds of people who worked
on Hubble. When it first went into space, the images where blurry. The Hubble's mirror was slightly the wrong shape. A lot of small mirrors would be used to intercept the light reflecting off the mirror. Which would fix the flaw. Then bounce the light to the telescope's science instruments. It has revealed the age of the
universe: 13-14 billion years
old. Images The Hubble is a Cassegrain reflector.
Light hits its main mirror. It bounces
off the main mirror and into the 2nd
mirror. The 2nd mirror focuses the light
on a hole in the main mirror that leads to the
telescope's science instruments. http://hubblesite.org/the_telescope/hubble_essentials/image.php?image=light-path What are the major problems
with Hubble? The idea for the space telescope was made by Hermann Oberth in 1923. The Hubble telescope was named after Edwin Hubble. Astronauts trained for 11months to do the mission. http://hubblesite.org/the_telescope/hubble_essentials/image.php?image=diagram The view of telescopes that are on the ground is
distorted because of the atmosphere's shifting
air pockets. The atmosphere also blocks wave lengths. A space telescope can study
all types of wave lengths. Lyman Spitzer Jr. spent 50 years
trying to make the space telescope. Lyman Spitzer Jr. convinced NASA to
work on it in 1969. COSTAR would be installed to replace
one of the other instruments. What are some of the major discoveries? Hubble has shown galaxies
in all stages of evolution. It also helped discover dark energy.
Something that makes the universe
expand quickly. All information and accessed from Hubblesite Besides the youtube video Images http://hubblesite.org/the_telescope/hubble_essentials/image.php?image=light-path Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--X9zfgZtS0 http://hubblesite.org/the_telescope/hubble_essentials/image.php?image=diagram http://hubblesite.org/the_telescope/hubble_essentials/image.php?image=launch The Hubble launch http://hubblesite.org/the_telescope/hubble_essentials/image.php?image=launch Cn5546 Cn5546@viedu.org
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