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N4 Prejudice Unit - Week 1

Lesson 1 - newspaper headlines and Big Bang LC

Jenna Hall

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of N4 Prejudice Unit - Week 1

Template by Missing Link
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Course descriptor

There are four components to this course:
Analysis and Evaluation
Creation and Production
Added Value Unit
Answer the questions in your jotters
Sheldon's mum and her views
'The Pedestrian'
We will be successful if we can:
clearly communicate our personal experiences, thoughts and feelings.
apply our knowledge of language to answer listening comprehension questions.
distinguish between fact and opinion within an article.
Our learning intentions are to:
create personal pieces through journalling activities.
develop our listening analysis and evaluation skills by watching an extract from a popular TV show.
strengthen our ability to identify the main ideas of a written text.
Analysis and Evaluation
You will be required to provide evidence of reading and listening skills by:
• understanding, analysing and evaluating at least one straightforward written text
• understanding, analysing and evaluating at least one straightforward spoken language activity
Creation and Production
You will be required to provide evidence of talking and writing skills by creating and producing:
• at least one written text using straightforward language
• at least one spoken interaction using straightforward language
Added Value Unit
You will be required to provide evidence of your ability to apply language skills to investigate a topic of your choice by:
• presenting your findings either orally or in writing
• responding to questions on your chosen topic
You will be required to provide evidence of reading, listening, writing and talking skills in a variety of forms.
These are all prejudice statements.
Internal assessment
Progression routes

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