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DekaMarkt Case


Nanette van Rees

on 3 March 2010

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Transcript of DekaMarkt Case

DekaMarkt Lysanne Weel
Monika Dapkute
Wes Geerts
Daria Kalinicheva
Nanette van Rees

Group 5 Store A Store B Problemstatement

Turnover of cola is slightly below fair share
Gross margin is below standards

Goal: to improve turnover and margin of cola category at DekaMarkt as a whole
The Cola Category Content

Problem statement
Store A
Store B
Promotion example
Facts about Store A
Customer profile
Income profile

- Pepsi Regular, Light, Max and Twist.
- Coca Cola Regular and Light
- First Choice Regular and Light
- Highway
- Disko Cola
Shelf space: 2,67 meters 4 meters
- Pepsi upper left, Cola upper right
- Private label brands placed together
- Highway placed at the bottom
- Disko kids Cola at the bottom
Bottle format: 1,5 litre bottles, Cola Regular 2 litre,
Pepsi Regular 1 litre.
Facts about Store B
Customer profile
Income profile

- Pepsi Regular, Light, Max, Twist and Max cool Lemon
- Coca Cola Regular, Light, Zero and Light caffeinefree
- First Choice Regular Light and Lemon
- Perfekt Regular and Regular Light
- Dr. Pepper
- Disko Cola
- Raak Kindercola
Shelf space: 4,67 meters 5 meters
- Pepsi, Coca-Cola and First Choice on eye height, Pepsi left
and Cola right.
- Disko and Raak kids Cola at the bottom
- Dr. Pepper at the bottom
- Perfekt, bottom left

Bottle format:1,5 litre bottles, Cola Regular 2 litre, Pepsi Regular 1 litre.

Promotion example Shelf Store B Shelf store A The big 'This is it' Pepsi promotion

First Choice promotion 'Lekker Cool' Conclusion DekaMarkt can do way better than this
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