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Outsiders Literature Circle

No description

Jessica Bush

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of Outsiders Literature Circle

Outsiders Literature Circle
Book Trailer
Day One: Chapter 1
Day Two: Chapters 2 &3
Day Three: Chapter 4
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
Day Ten: Final Projects
Day Six: Chapter 8 & 9
Day Four: Chapter 5 & 6
Day Nine: Author's Discussion
Question's for S.E, Hinton

Does knowing the author's personal background, story and point of view help frame this story?

Day Eight: Chapter 12
- Perry Mason
- Who killed Bob?
- Why did two-bit smile while Ponyboy was picking up the broken glass?
- Soda's dinner came out just right, why did that worry ponyboy?
- "You, dig?"
- Johnny's note
Day Seven: Chapters 10 & 11
Day Five: Chapter 7
Rubric Introduction
The Outsiders Lit Circle
Shawn Ebright
Tiffany Stone
Jessica Bush

Readers Theater?
* Introduction of Book: Book Trailer
* Role Assignments
-will switch out throughout the first week.
* Graphic Organizers
* Depth and Critical
Thinking icons.
* Reading Strategies

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Chapter 2 movie clip
Time 10:28-25:01
Note end scene where East side of movie theater is closed for repairs.
Chapter 3 Reader's Theater!
Moral Discussion
Conflict resolution
Possible climax of the book?
Repercussions from actions
Defending friends vs. family.
Link: Paul Newman
The Outsiders Unit

Story by S.E. Hinton
Reading level
: 4.7
Written in 1967, but applicable today
: Bullying, coming of age, individuality, relationships, social identity
: 9th grade, ten 90-minute sessions

Unit Goal
: To provide students with a variety of opportunities to express ideas gained by the experience of reading The Outsiders in a literature circle through their roles in the group.

Students will access materials and demonstrate knowledge by individual preference in accordance with the rubric provided.

: paperback book, audiobook, online reading (You Tube), video for pieces of the story

Poetic Justice
Students will watch Chapter 5 as a movie. Chapter 6 to be read aloud in the groups.
Lesson Goals:
Discuss and define similes ex. sunsets
Key Vocabulary: delayed shock, imploringly, "blasted pansy", indignant, "real hero"
Discussion of Robert Frost's poem and why the students, feel at this point in the story, it's important to the story. This idea will be revisited in Chapter 8.

Social Circles
We are social.
T-Chart: Soc/Greaser
Link: Our social Circles
Church group
School Friends
Only see on Sundays
Feel comfortable talking about faith together
Location: From surrounding area
Physical: usually dressed in "church clothes"
See almost every day
Location: Live around my neighborhood
Some I have known since kindergarten
Few I feel close enough to tell secrets
Physical: generally dress like I do
Usually like the same music, movies, etc that I do
Why is Gone with the Wind mentioned in this story? Discuss in your groups.
Throughout the story PonyBoy references sunsets. Find the sunset reference on pgs. 76-77. Explain the reference's imagery through a short poem, by drawing a picture, by taking a picture of a sunset or through discussion. Think of a time that you watched a sunset.
What does this bring to your mind?
Why is this important in the story?
Chapter 8: (Whole group) Review and discuss "critical condition". Discuss reference to
Gone with the Wind.
Read to "cool it" on page 122. Discuss Johnny's feelings about death.
Main concept in chapter 8: Johnny's feelings about his mother. Whole group silent reading due to the heavy emotion in this section.
Poetry Writing
Robert Frost's poem Nothing Gold Can Stay was first introduced on page 77 as PonyBoy described a sunset. Now that we have read more of the book, has your feelings changed or stay the same about the author's intent for including this poem in the story?
Make a group prediction on page 149.
Create a poem through written word, rap, prezi, poster or other creative process!
Chapter 9
Chapter 6
Literature Circle Roles/Chapter Responsibilities

Connector Detector:
Real world connections
Discussion leader and facilitator of higher order thinking.
Vocabulary master, dictionary manipulator and phrase finder.
Forensic Artist:
Character and setting illustrator
Case Closer:
Summarizes and provides final thoughts to each chapter.
Spotlight Sleuth:
Picks out main ideas of each chapter.
Graphic Organizer for Chapter 1
Great Expectations
by Charles Dickens:
Perry Mason
- Oklahoma
- Rumble
- Slick
- Self Definition
- Randy's confession
- "Things are rough all over."
- The power of Labels
Chapter 11
- Hate vs. Pity
- Altered point of view
- Lil Buddy
Rubric and final project modified from www.lms.rcs.k12.tn.us/TEACHERS/.../TheOutsidersFinalProject.doc
Depth and Thinking Concepts chart from http://www.iusd.org/parent_resources/gate/documents/DepthandComplexityiconchart.pdf

Hank Williams
Read in small groups
Discuss using graphic organizer.
in The Greasers,
resiliency in yourself.
Chapter 10
Small group reading.
Stay Gold
Who you are when you die.
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